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The New Format
thecrackerjack wrote:

And chrome

I have that too....It is very annoying!
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Movie Review Thread
wiscopetty wrote:
Blade Runner 2049

The running time (163 minutes) isn't for everyone. It's a slow burn, but I rarely felt like the movie slogged along. Absolutely stunning visuals by Roger Deakins that stands toe-to-toe with the original. Harrison Ford is not overused, which I appreciated. Highlight performances by Ryan Gosling, Dave Bautista, and Ana de Armas. If anyone has seen it and wants to discuss the finer points, PM me, because I left the theater with my mind racing. 

My plan is to watch this weekend. I have to rewatch the original though first. 
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Non-Packers Discussion
mickjagger wrote: Minnesota & Buffalo have both lost 4 Super Bowls without winning one.

So did Denver until the ugly game against the Packers. 

Interestingly enough though only the following have NEVER made a Super Bowl


I am rooting for Philly. Mainly because the AFC has been dominated by four teams since 2002

Think about this...AFC starting QBs in Super Bowl since 2002
Tom Brady         8
Peyton Manning  4 
Ben Burger         3
Joe Flacco          1 
Rich Gannon      1
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Fields with turf?
wolfblake wrote:
Durand has started fundraising for a turf football field, an 8 lane track with 9 sprinting lanes, entry plaza, expanded parking lot, and additional bleachers.


That looks pretty awesome!
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2018 Coaching Changes
iwishiwasaballer wrote:
Pat Delcore has stepped down at Southern Door citing health reasons -  http://www.wdor.com/sports/delcore-steps-down-as-sd-softball-coach/

Wow. Close to the season to do that!
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Darrell Bevell terminated.
safetysqueezepleezzee11 wrote:

               Your statement about 'job performance' strikes me as being an odd statement. Have you ever run a business?(that you owned). I think firing someone for job performance is the #1 thing an employer needs to do IF that employee has been deemed to be performing sub-par. Do you think people deserve a lifetime job or what? I have had 3 businesses in my life and ALWAYS fired people for 'job performance' issues ONLY. That is how people should be judged in my opinion. If Bevell wasn't performing up to expectations, as an employee the owner(GM/coach/etc) or whoever should certainly fire him. We may not agree, but that is part of a business decision. We as fans don't run the NFL teams, so we wouldn't have any idea if Bevell was performing up to expectations.

I have always liked Bevell as a coach and would love to see him as the OC for the Wisconsin Badgers, but I don't think it is unfair to fire him for his job performance at Seattle, if the performance was deemed sub-par. Everyone doesn't work out in every business(same in sports). Those who run the Seattle team made the decision that Bevell wasn't performing up to expectations - that happens in the real world every single day. It might be deemed as unfair by some as how they state it, but that is life.

I don't think you comprehend what Travis was saying. The way coachw12 worded it made it seem like they terminated (killed) Bevell. Hence, the sarcasm in Travis' response to him. 
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Ask the Ref!
traviswilson wrote:
I certainly don't think it's ideal. Personally, if I was the AD or commish doing the scheduling, I would try to avoid that situation.

I agree with Travis. If I were to see this, I would ask the scheduler to possibly seek out a replacement for the game. Too many bad things can happen
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NFL Hot Seat
db11 wrote:

...instead Lewis signs a two-year extension with the Bengals...


Unbelieveable! Watching Sunday when they said he was still mum on his exit I started to think that something was up!
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Ask the Ref!
buzzerbeater2 wrote:
What is the deal with the "bobble" signal? I get that it is a great way to cop out of a traveling call, but why can't I just "bobble" the ball all the way down the court?

Intentional vs accidental
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2017 Packers
db11 wrote:

Thompson's easy....you already have Wolf and Gutekunst waiting in the wings. It's not like TT has been a bad GM. But it's becoming obvious he's too long in the tooth, and that his ability to draft defensively has been handicapped by trying to find guys to fit the NOT WORKING ANYMORE 3-4.

I'm bullish on McCarthy. If he's not willing to push for change on his staff then, well, it all becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy anyway.

The reality is though, for his perceived shortcomings, I have no doubt this team could win it all with McCarthy and Rodgers. He just needs an actual defense...not this gimmicky, patchwork, disguised coverages only confusing the guys actually trying to cover, shell of a 3-4 defense.

I agree 100% with this! I was hearing about the possibility of a guy like Marvin Lewis being a DC. 
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NFL Hot Seat
safetysqueezepleezzee11 wrote:

MM gets bailed out AGAIN because Rodgers missed 8 games. It seems as if this Packer team is the same year after year after year with Rodgers. Time to move on from MM. I think the best move is for Mark Murphy to completely clean house and get rid of TT and his crew too, plus ALL the coaches. TT bringing Bennett was a dumb move - the guy was a malcontent every place he has been. Cooks would have been worth the money and the 'chance'. Kendricks added almost nothing. What looked to be a great upgrade in the TE's was really a drop off.

I agree with most of this. Although I think I am ok with MM still. I am NOT ok with Capers. Our defense has been middle of the pack and below for too long. Injuries or no injuries something needs to be fixed. One guy had, what 9 touches, on the first drive yesterday and never was stopped. 

I am no longer a believer in TT. I used to think he did a great job and developed some great talent. However, I feel he has become an issue. His drafts have been busts, he lets players walk who we should be signing, and he signs players that are question marks.  I looked back on his drafts and he has progressively been horrible in them. 
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NFL Hot Seat
coach40 wrote:
Each year I have some fun and try to forecast the demise of coaches within the NFL. This year is a bit sketchy as there are some coaches whose rears are roasting!

Most likely to be ousted

1.Ben McAdoo, NY Giants---How this guy has stayed on this far this year is remarkable. The Mara family is taking a page out of the Rooney book in sticking with people. However, McAdoo will probably be the first to be canned. He has been pitiful and his team looks as if it is trying to get the first pick. They have the 18th ranked offense. Granted some studs have been out but still poor play all the way around. OL is atrocious, RBs are poor and Eli looks like he is lost! The D is 31st and it is not looking good at all!

2. John Fox, Chicago---When you still lose to a team as banged up as the Packers you need to look in the mirror. Fox has been to two Super Bowls, but his game management is poor. I see them getting rid of a Defensive minded coach and getting a offensive minded one to help Trubisky. 

3. Vance Joseph, Denver---His team looks BAD. With the talent they have on D and even on O they have looked pedestrian. IF Baltimore could win with Dilfer, why can't the Broncos win with Siemian or Osweiler? He is losing his team fast. The only reason he may stay is that it is his first year. 

4. Dirk Koetter, Tampa Bay---The supposed savior of the franchise has looked horrible. His team lacks discipline and falters in big games. Granted he was without his starting RB for awhile, but he had some good capable backups. Winston has regressed, Evans is in his own head, and their D is as porus as a sponge. 

5. Chuck Pagano, Indianapolis---Time to cut the cords. They need a shot in the arm and unfortunately that means Pagano goes. Great story, seems like a good guy, but that is not going to win games. Especially if Luck is in jeopardy to come back at all. 

Hot Seat is WARM---
1.  Marvin Lewis, Cincy---Sooner or later Brown's will get frustrated and let him go. Team is running in place. 
2. Jason Garrett, Dallas---I know he is Jerry's boy but if Dallas fails to make the playoffs, I could see the change coming. WIN! He should even without Elliot
3. Bill O'Brien, Houston---What keeps him is he lost his QB of the future and one of his best leaders. I see him staying but you never know. 
4. Mike McCarthy, Green Bay---I sometimes join the get rid of them all....then I think get rid of Capers and go to the 4-3. He rides Rodgers coattails but what happens when that coat is taken off...

Oh well this is fun!

Well McAdoo is long gone. Lewis announced he will not be back in 2018. Leaving after 15 years in Cincy. His tenure will be a big what if. Arguably his best year was ruined when Palmer was tackled at the knee in 2005. Having only 5 losing seasons in the 15 that is pretty darn good. He inherited a team that had gone 2-14 the year prior and was 8-8 the next season. 
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NFL Hot Seat
wiscopetty wrote:

I was trying to find a quote from someone that mentioned that Mara became incensed with how Manning was handled. He felt that McAdoo hurt the image too much
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2017 College Football Coaching Carousel
dfnewburry wrote:
Let's be honest , Schiano was never getting hired to coach @ UT and he knows it .

He had an MOU? 
Sometimes I think you make sense, but this time I feel you are stretching for something that is not there!
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Thank you my friend! I appreciate that a lot! It has been a fun ride!!!
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