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It is the correct call.

Someone mentioned the ball being dead where the receiving team touched it. That's never the case. It is LIVE once the receiving team touches it. You will see punts being moved back to the point of first touch only when the kicking team advances the ball forward by batting it or kicking it, or if a receiving player INTENTIONALLY bats/kicks a ball forward out of bounds.

Here's another way of looking at it that might not be rule book, but it might make some sense as a way to look at it. On any play, it is the responsibility of the offense (or kicking team) to advance the ball beyond their own goal line by the end of the play. If they do not, it is a safety. The only time that changes is if the defensive team temporarily gains possession of the ball.

Even if the ball is advanced beyond the line of scrimmage at one point, it still has to end up beyond the goal line, or it is a safety. The offense did not fulfill their responsibility. The "Waterford Situation" is not really any different than this situation: QB completes a pass out to the ten yard line and then a defender knocks it away from the receiver by putting his helmet on the exposed ball as the receiver turns upfield. The result is the ball going out of the endzone. It is a safety. It was the offense's job to see the ball got advanced beyond the goal line. The defender touched it. It was a live loose ball caused to leave the endzone by a defender downfield. But it's still a safety, because the defense never had possession.

In "The Waterford Case," because the punt was so short, the kicking team is ultimately responsible for the fact that it did not end up advanced past their own goal line. Because they were still the last team to possess the ball, and because it was not advanced beyond their own goal line at the end of the play...safety. As long as the other team does not gain possession or intentionally bat/kick the ball out of the endzone, it is a safety.

By the way, I mentioned this situation to a group of about six coaches at lunch today. To the man, the answer was "safety." And most of them didn't even have to stop chewing to think about it. Coaches rarely stop eating to think or talk.

The rest of this post has nothing to do with the "Watertown Scenario:"
Someone asked about a punter punting into the wind and having the ball land out the back of his own endzone. Seen it. Punter slipped and sent it backwards. Safety. Also seen a punt land behind the line of scrimmage and returned for a touchdown by a defensive end who was the only one who didn't go downfield at the sound of the kick. Punter had slipped and couldn't catch him. Coach enough JV and junior high and you see all kinds of weird things.

My favorite was an inadvertent whistle after a junior high punter under a heavy rush had dropped the ball in his own endzone. This happened when the ref blew it dead because he heard another whistle before defense recovered for a seeming TD. The other whistle--it turned out-- came from either the stands or one of the other practices going on outside the school. That was the referee conference to end 'em all. Ended up as an official "do over." "Re-punt" got blocked out endzone for a safety.

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[left]Doc, first touching would only be the call if the receiving team recovers the ball[/left]
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