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What are your thoughts on the past basketball season in the Flyway ?

What were some of the best games of the past year ?
1. Springs vs. WLA 3 overtimes !!
2. Laconia @ KML Feb. 20th for the championship
3. KML @ Mayville Mayville almost ruins KML's season

Who do you see being the frontrunners to contend for the conference crown next year ?

Who will replace Semenas/Kearn and Koth/Klumb as leaders of the Flyway ?

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I think this year in the Flyway we saw two of the best scorers, in terms of creating their shots and finishing, that the league's seen in awhile and they were at their best. Koth and Semenas simply dominated the rest of the league.

I can't disagree with your top three games, and I'd make WLA the early favorite for next year. They've got a playmaker in Schraufnagel; scorers in Jackson and Stollfus; and a few big guys who aren't great but provide a ton of energy. My second pick would be Mayville with Seve Strook back for a third year as the team's go-to guy.

I think the thing to watch next year is the development of some talented sophomores (juniors next year). KML's Rusch, Laconia's DeBoer, Lomira's Beck and North Fondy's Wodsedalek all showed flashes this year and all will be "the guy" next year. So if one or more develop into a big-time scorer that could have a major impact on the league for the next two years.
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WLA should be the front runner returning nearly everyone from a pretty solid team. But will they be able to take that next step.

Laconia has the atitude and expectations to challenge year in and year out for the championship. But will losing Weed and Semenas, maybe the two best players to ever come through, finally catch up with them. Laconia will need a big year from sophmores Deboer, Kinyon, Mathias, and Huebschman.

Springs has the athletes but not so sure they are basketball players.

KML will put together a solid team every year

Mayville will look for Strook and Hugg (sp?) to have break out years

NFDL decent sophmore class but i don't think they will be ready

Lomira/Horicon don't see a lot in these two programs
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