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I find the WIAA plan to eliminate conferences and go to a district model to be interesting. What do all of us in the WLT think?

Based on their proposal this is what I am seeing for the WLT:

Watertown, BD, WBE, WBW and Slinger would be in Division 2 - District E (along with Brookfield East, Cedarburg and Sussex Hamilton).

Oconomowoc would be in Division 1 - District D (along with the Mad East, Mad Laf, Mad West, Mad Mem, Middleton, Sun Prairie and Verona)

Hartford would be in Division 1 - District C (along with Sheb South, Sheb North, Fondy, Osh North, Osh West, Neenah, and Manitowoc)

Wisco would be in Division 3 - District G (Port Wash, New Berlin West, Milw Lutheran, Kewaskum, Grafton, Catholic Memorial, and Brown Deer)

So each team would play the teams in their district once during the season. Top 4 in each district make playoffs. Week 1 is reserved to schedule a non-district rivalry game.

It would be interesting to see who each team would choose for their week 1 "rivalry" game. I would assume Watertown would play Oconomowoc. Maybe Wisco and Hartford? The other teams would have to find a geographic rival since they would play each other during the regular season.

Should be interesting to see what happens. Does anyone know if Slinger's enrollment is firmly in D2 for football? I know in basketball it keeps changing from D1 to D2. If their football division were to change I would assume that could affect the district placement of other schools?

Thoughts on this? Could be a HUGE change.

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Well if they are switching from D1 to D2 in basketball i'd assume they are stuck D2 or lower in football because of the fact a lot of D2 football teams are D1 in basketball since there are less divisions ex: Beaver Dam
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Oconomowoc is not always D1 either in football. A couple years ago they were D2. Differs each year.
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I haven't looked at this too much yet, but on the surface, it's interesting. Wisco and Kewaskum every year would make for a good rivalry. I could see a Wisco-Catholic Memorial rivalry developing along the same lines as Wisco-Marquette. And Milwaukee Lutheran has always been one of Wisco's traditional rivals, though they don't face each other as often these days. So from that standpoint it might make for a nice change. On the other hand, I think it's kind of weird to have a completely different model for football than for every other sport. I also don't like the high probability of facing someone from your district right away in the second round of the playoffs. So I don't know. But at least it's something new to think and talk about.
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I think that it would be very interesting to see how it works out, if it goes down. It'd be real different for the players starting up new seasons against teams that for the most part they know nothing about, and not being able to continue the traditions and rivalries against the "conference" teams. Usually as a freshman/soph you see the games played by the varsity and can't wait to be in the same spot, playing against those same teams. Just one of my views on the whole issue, though.
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