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I had a HORRIBLE experience.

Everyone told me I would sleep through it all and be fine. LIES. I woke up halfway through. Scared the doctor and nurses. I lost feeling on the right side of my tongue from January til May. The Pain meds gave me an upset stomach. Being a fairly successful hunter, I know the smell of blood. It's sure a different feeling knowing the blood is coming from you and not something I just killed.

I'm fine now. But it was less than ideal.
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The local anesthesia wore off while they were extracting the last tooth...which they had to break to get out. Felt everything.

My cheeks were also puffy for a week.
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Oh god, that's not fun at all... I woke up, but I was still groggy and numb, so all I did was shut my eyes and pray that it was almost over (which it was)
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