The Yearbook has the following predicted order:

1. ?Waunakee
2. DeForest
3. Portage
4. Reedsburg
5. Sauk Praire
6. Baraboo
7. Mt. Horeb

What is your take on these predictions?

Waunakee you can't argue with because they have won or shared the conference title for 4 straight years. ?They have to be projected 1st till someone proves otherwise. ?Deforest and Portage could be flip-flopped. ?Hurd is the conferences best player. ?Deforest is largely unknown with the exception of Stewert. Both Waunakee and Deforest should get better as the season goes on and their JV call-ups get experience. ?Portage has 3 guards that played alot last year on there 15-6 team, so on paper they look perhaps to have a leg up. ?Reedsburg, could be very good if Stolte provides some offense, to go along with Jordan Van Cleeve and Chad Mazur. ?Sauk again is probably there because they lost 23 PPG Garrett Schwartz. ?I have a hard time seeing Baraboo ahead of Horeb. ?Horeb has Webber and Fredrick and will keep improving. ?I see them anywhere 4-6. ?Baraboo to me is a 7.
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da trees_old
ok I'm from defo and I'm gunna say Portage has the upper hand over us. I dont think we're that good. Portage is better. We under achieve every year. I'm starting to question the coaching. Our jv coach showed he can coach last year with a good team, I think it may be time to make a coaching change down here.
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Portage also had Loomans who was arguably a top 3 or 4 player in the league. I think Sauk is a team to keep your eyes out for. Never tremendous defensively, but they can score and they have size. I think Sauk and DeForest are the 2 teams with the greatest potential to win the conference, but we say that every year about Deforest and they never make it happen. I do think Waunakee will have something to say about it though. Hurd...yes, clearly the best player. It is one thing to lose everyone when you have good younger teams and successful juniors (waunakee) it is something else when you don't (Baraboo). Steinhorst will have his work cut out for him...but I am guessing he is relishing the challenge. Horeb as usual will be a bit small, but absolutely no fun for anyone to play. Another question....how will the additional week of football hurt the Reedsburg and Waunakee programs. Lots of good multi sport guys. Not sure how many non football players either school even has.
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i would put my left nut on it to say Mount Horeb does not finish seventh.
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