Note these are athletes from Wisconsin colleges. They may not necessarily be from Wisconsin. Also Wisconsin natives running for out of state schools aren't on this list if you know of one or several feel free to reply with their names. Also for teams I'm just listing the seven that ran at Regionals

NCAA Women's Division III Saturday 11am ET @ Cleveland, OH
UW-Eau Claire
Beth Easker
Alyssa Sybilrud
Margaret Ho
Hannah Humbach
Elisabeth Prunty
Jenna Smith
Kacey Rindy

UW-La Crosse
Stephanie Perleberg
Katelyn Williams
Alison Kolinsku
Zoe Browne
Meghan Dugan
Kriston Siemianowski
Rachel Boldt

Ayla Mitchell
Jenny Piskor
McKenzie Kelly
Cassie Petersen
Mallory Burk
Brittany Haas
Allison Gehl

Jenny Scherer from St. Norbert
Megan O'Grady from Carroll

NCAA Men's Division III Saturday Noon ET @ Cleveland, OH

UW-La Crosse
Connor Lonning
Paul Moran
Dallas Vincent
Zach Wilhelmy
Kyle Coghlan
Scott Hayden
Brian Shonat

Jason Garvens
Patrick Klein
Tony Kilburg
Nathan Petesch
Aaron Whalen
Matt Hoefs
Shane Lacy

UW-Eau Claire
Christopher Wirts
Thomas Breitbach
Josh Wieland
Benjamin Pearson
Brent Kann
Mark Sanders
Otto Renner

Nate Stymiest from UW-Oshkosh
Jason Lindelof from UW-Superior
Aron Kehoe from UW-Whitewater
Nick Schaefer from UW-Stevens Point
Josh Williams from Edgewood

NAIA Women's Saturday 11:45AM PT @ Vancouver, WA
Bea Foley from Viterbo

NCAA Men's Division I Monday 12:08PM ET @ Terre Haute, IN
Landon Peacock
Mohammed Ahmed
Maverick Darling
Ryan Gasper
Jack Bolas
Reed Connor
Craig Miller

NCAA Women's Division I Monday 12:58PM ET @ Terre Haute, IN

Caitlin Comfort from Wisconsin

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UWEC woman's team is national champs
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Joe Bosshard who went to La Crosse Aquinas through his junior year of high school and then transferred to a high school in Colorado is now a sophomore at the University of Colorado. He finished 80 out of 250 and helped his team to a #6 finish at the NCAA Div 1 Cross Country Championships.
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