I think that this is one of the better final 16's that I can recall in any major. Top 6 seeded players are still alive(Federer, Nadal, Djokovich, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick, and Robin Soderling). Also 9th-seeded David Ferrer, 10th-seeded Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, 12th-seeded Tomas Berdych, 15th-seeded Lleyton Hewitt, 16th-seeded Jurgen Melzer, 18th-seeded Sam Querrey, and 32nd-seed Julien Benneteau. Roddick has one of the easier matches of this round and could face Djokovic in the quarters, whom he has a pretty good track record against.

I'm gonna say that we're gonna see a Roddick-Federer and Murray-Soderling semis with Federer and Murray advancing. Finally, I think Murray is gonna prevail in front of his "home crowd". But you can't count out Roddick, Nadal, Soderling, et. al Roddick plays great on grass, Nadal can always come out and play smashing tennis, and Soderling is just on a tear after making his second consecutive French Open Final.

It should be a great day of tennis tomorrow and I'm definitely looking forward to it. There's my recap and predictions. ,
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I view it a little bit different than you. Here are my predictions for the rest of the tournament.

4th round

Federer vs Melzer - Federer just too tough for his old juniors foe. Fed in 4.

Nadal vs Mathieu - Nadal wins despite this talk about his knees again. Nadal in 3.

Djokovic vs Hewitt - Hewitt is riding high right now, but although Djokovic is mentally weak, I believe he survives this match. Djok in 4.

Murray vs Querrey - The rising Querrery has been playing well, but I don't think he will be able to grind this out. Murray advances in 4.

Roddick vs Lu - Roddick easily in 3.

Sodderling vs Ferrer - Soderling continues to roll but drops his first set of Wimbledon. Soderling in 4.

Tsonga vs Benneteau - The Frenchman battle but Tsonga escapes in a tight 4 sets.

Berdych vs Brands - Berdych has really resurfaced and continues to play well. Berdych in 4.


Federer vs Berdych - Fed moves on in 4 sets.

Djokovic vs Roddick - Roddick continues his run for another run in with Federer in the Semis.

Nadal vs Soderling - Soderling gets some revenge on Nadal as he wins in 4 sets.

Murray vs Tsonga - Murray gets into the semis in 4 sets.

Federer vs Roddick - Although Roddick has made great strides in facing Federer, Federer does just enough to beat Roddick in 4 very tough sets.

Soderling vs Murray - Soderling beats Murray in 4, setting up another matchup with Federer.


Federer vs Soderling - Federer gets Grand Slam #17 and also #7 at Wimbledon. Federer also gets revenge on Soderling as he wins in 4 sets.

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Haha yes Andy Roddick just got way cooler in my book after his post-match interview. Some reporter asked him if he was going to be disappointed when he woke up tomorrow. Roddick had just lost early in a major on what should be one of his best surfaces to a player ranked outside of the top 60! It was hilarious Roddick just kinda looked at the guy and said 'of course what do you think?' I can't remember everything he said but he actually wasn't a huge jerk about it but told the reported that that was a terrible question and some other stuff and it was hilarious. Talk about awkward.

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Roddick has always been my favorite post game interview player to watch. I remember a few years ago @ the Austrailian open, their was a lot of talk about Roddick was improving his game with Jimmy Connors and how Roddick was confident playing Federer in the Semis I believe, and Federer won convincingly in straight sets, like 6-4, 6-0, 6-2. The postgame interview's 1st question was something like "What did Roger say for you after the game?" Roddick was like "he bought me a beer." The next question was like "Do you feel strong about your game still, and will you be confident the next time you face Roger?" Roddick was like "Yea, as you can see my game is improving greatly, and I really feel I can 10 games off Roger, compared to 6."

Unfortunately I was way off on that. Just a shocking loss and I was wanting a Roger vs Roddick Semis.
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Wow, my partial bracket has been busted. Federer seemed really bitter today after his loss to Berdych, blaming it on injuries, when just the last round he said he was feeling great. I think he is on edge knowing everyone will start to say he has lost his grip on tennis, and is starting his decline. He will be ranked #3 in the world at the completion of Wimbledon. I really do want to see him get back on track and reclaim the #1 for 2 more weeks and pass Sampras. Nadal surprised me by beating Soderling a bit. It's starting to look like a Djokovic vs Nadal final.
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Oh, Djokovic, ou come so close again and yet miss out. It's very apparent, especially at majors, that when he gets down he just isn't the same player. He has no will power to get himself back into matches that he's trailing in.
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