WiPH\Coaches Top Ten

November 18, 2013 (PRE-SEASON)

Boys Rankings

1. Eau Claire Memorial
2. Notre Dame
3(t). Verona
3(t). Superior
6. Wausau West
7. Fond du Lac
8. Wisconsin Rapids
9. Waukesha
10. Regis/McDonell/Bloomer

Honorable Mention
Madison Edgewood
Northland Pines

ECM and Notre Dame look awful tough!
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I also feel that Notre Dame will be the best this year. RMB is going to be a very tough team this year with a lot of great sophomores and juniors. Somerset has some good young players this year also. I think that Verona will be weaker this year than they had been in the last couple years. Suprised that Marquette and New Richmond were not included. I didnt hear a whole lot about Edgewood or Rapids last year (even though Rapids went to State). Should be a great year of hockey this year!
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I'm fine with ranking ECM #1 because they won last year. This isn't NCAA football where start of the year rankings can actually matter. But it'd be pretty hard to convince me that Notre Dame isn't the best team on paper this year. That's not saying ECM isn't a great team too, they are, I just think NDA is better. I guess we'll find out over the next 3 and a half months though!

With Fondy's loss of Nejedlo due to injury, I'd bump them down a spot or two. They still have a lot of talent, but I think they fit in somewhere more like 9 to 12, but I don't really know who I'd move ahead of them, so I suppose they are fine where they are. Is Dietrich still playing for Waukesha this year? He isn't trying to go play juniors or something? Jeez it feels like that kid has been around forever.

I still have Cedarburg as my "sleeper" pick this year if they can figure out their goaltending. A little surprised that neither they nor Homestead received an honorable mention. I suppose if we extended the rankings though that they'd for sure fall in the 15-20 range.

I remember SPASH had a nice record last year. Did they lose a lot to graduation though?
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The loss of Pulver to Omaha is going to hurt RMB, don't think they will have the firepower to get past Memorial.
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It is easy to be the best team in the state when you can recruit kids to play for you like Notre Dame is able to
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