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longball wrote:

cameroncrazies02 wrote:

This reminds me, LB whatever happened to going to all those eating competitions and sharing pictures? Did I miss that?

I got them on my Facebook site, at least the [link=]Carnivore Challenge[/link] I do. I just changed service providers for my homepage, so I haven't been able to create a new website. You can add me as a friend on facebook if you want, then you can see them. Actually, I think I made the pictures public. The pizza was sweet. I have since completed the 2lb burger at the Milwaukee Grill. Those are the only two I have done.

I don't know if this link will work or not: [link=][/link]

Yeah see I don't have a Facebook. Probably one of the only 21 year olds known to man who doesn't.
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longball wrote:

I think my final meal would still be the Carnivore Challenge and a big ole 64oz glass of milk from the bulk tank with the heavier cream filtered off the top. But instead of the true carnivore, just make it a pepperoni pizza. Ya, 11lbs of pizza. Bring it. To top it off, I would like two slices of my wife's rhubarb cheesecake which is to die for anyway.

Does a conjugal visit count as dessert?

which would only make sense because you are going to be executed..
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3 of EVERYTHING from the Taco Bell Menu!
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Give me some Chinese Food!
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MWarrior2008 wrote:

Czech4Life wrote:

MWarrior2008 wrote:

I'd have to say no meal at all and I'll tell you why. Because I would hate to waste food and eat what I did not deserve to eat. I would rather they just kill me and get it over with instead of delaying the inevitable. There are better ways to go out on top in an execution.

What the hell does that mean? Your execution is inevitable and your stuck in a jail cell, you might as well enjoy a meal or some alone time with a ladyfriend to go out on a good note.

That is definitely a good way to go out. Food no because there are many hungry people that that meal could feed. But here are some other ways that you might not have even thought about:

1. Let me read my favorite book or magazine one more time
2. Let me watch my favorite movie one more time
3. Let me say goodbye to my friends and family one more time
4. Let me watch this sporting event before you kill me
5. Let me go to one more state fair
6. Let me ride Raging Bull or Giant Drop one more time
7. Let me sing a song or two before you kill me

There are so many that I could take all day to list them. And I gotta work at 5:30 tonight so I ain't got time for all that. But if you use your imagination you could think of better ways to go out on top than a meal.

First of all, if you didn't eat the meal because the meat could feed other people, that would be foolish. Its not like a starving child will be fed because you didn't eat those chicken mcnuggets. Eating a last meal would be no different than eating any other meal in prison. Second, I don't think eating the meal is the last thing they do, just the last time they eat.
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Based on these requests, most of you would die before you got to the chair.
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gambler wrote:

BB21 wrote:

Based on these requests, most of you would die before you got to the chair.
That is kind of the idea lol.

At least we'll all die happy.
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IDK if this is acceptable to say on here...but since it is my last "meal" I would honestly ask for psychodelic mushrooms just because I've never tried them and it would be I wouldn't know WHAT was going on when I finally got the crap fried out of me...

doubt they would let me though
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i gotta go with deep fried unicorn, and dinosaur eggs- scrambled.

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Bacon cheeseburger, 5 grilled chicken burritos from tbell, onion rings, rum and coke to drink, cookie dough ice cream with warm chocolate chip cookies, milkshake. I die a happy man.

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