As we saw last season the Badgers had a phemonenal running game that was the majority of the offense and scoring and a passing game that struggled but did put up some points. We have awesome depth at running back and average at best receiver with a QB that struggled to throw accurate balls anywhere but the middle of the field. So will the running game have to carry us to yet another bowl game or do we need a passing game that involves more than just Garrett Graham? What do you think?
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I think for the Badgers to get to the next step, they need to get their passing game going and have it be consistent. If they can get to a 50/50 ratio consistently, it will take a lot of preasure off from the defence.
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First thing first; the badgers need to play with more composure and either have coaches who can teach or better communicate the fundamentals to the players. Missed tackles, missed assingments and untimely penalties were all major factors in the Badgers poor play on the field. All the blame can not be placed solely on the coaches as I belive the players seemed to lack the pashion and senior leadership necessary for a senior laden squad like the badgers had on field last year. Fundamentals are the key to the badgers success. That is what seperated the Alvarez teams of the past from last years team.

Once the players and coaches have obtained this ability to learn or teach the fundamentals I think the next step to the badgers success is finding a better than average quarterback. Allowing the offense to be more two-demonsional and take pressure off the running game which routinely sees 8 and 9 in the box. With a more balanced offense the badgers can put more points on the board and not rely so much on the defense for stops.
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Some people believe that relying alot on the running game is a positive as it keeps the clock moving, shortening the game, and keeping the D off the field.
All the passing game needs to do is be a threat. 50/50 I don't think should be in the Badgers current future this year. Maybe if they get more/better receivers and a QB with some game experience.
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I should have added getting better quarterbacks to my list. I think our recieving corp is good, but need someone to get it there more consistently.

By saying a 50/50 game, I was insinuating that. By relying on running too much and going against better teams, it is too easy to shut us down. With more of a balanced ability you run to wear them down and eat up the clock, then pass it over them when they try to put too many in the box to stop the run.
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Better fundamentals
A deep threat in the passing game
2 possession guys (WR/TE)

The Badgers don't need to throw half the time. They just need to have the threat of the deep ball to keep the safeties back and off the line. If they can get two possession type receivers they can get some help in moving the chains, and with the home-run threat defenses can't key on the run constantly. Even if they don't use it all the time, even one or two deep balls a game where one is caught will force the safeties back.

They also need to (re)learn how to tackle. There are maybe 5 players a year who hit hard where they don't need to wrap up, and none of them are on the badgers. Play smart defense, stick to their assignment, and make tackles.
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Paladium wrote:

They also need to (re)learn how to tackle. There are maybe 5 players a year who hit hard where they don't need to wrap up, and none of them are on the badgers. Play smart defense, stick to their assignment, and make tackles.

I agree with what you have to say about the defense. Maybe its just me but they seem to lack natural aggression when they play defense. They seem more "afraid" when they're tackling then some of the top teams in the NCAA.
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They need corners and safties the most. I couldn't count how many times I have need the Badgers be beaten with the deep ball. There have also had several games where their coverage was detroyed with quarterbacks throwing 400-500 yards on them. Second, they need to be more composed on the defensive end which means improving stops on third down and making tackles. Third, they need more of a passing attack on offense. If this happens it will free up room for the RB's and open that up which leads to the defense playing in more then they can go for the longball.
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I think there is a laundry list of things that the Badgers need this year...

1) Clay needs to stay healthy and continue to develop...he showed flashes last year of BIG time potential
2) establish Zach Brown more in the offense. Hes a good draw runner and can catch passes out of the back field. He stretches the defense horizontally and gives our running game another dimension(outside of Clay).
3) find and use more than 2 wideouts. Toon, Anderson, and Gilreath all need to become more involved in the offense(this is due to some of Chryst's calls) and Toon needs to break out(which I think he will)
4) the qb position and battle. I think all Badger fans realize how important this position is to this years success(and all years in general). Although I would like to see Phillips start, I think Sherer is the better call to start the year. But I hope Bielema uses Phillips in different situations if he isnt starting. At the spring game, he showed that he can use his feet to create plays or escape from pressure.
5) fill the holes in the o-line...I dont think theyll have a problem with this, they usually have guys ready to go whenever and I hope Oglesby sees the field alot, dude is huge and can absolutely control defensive players.
6) defensively, fill in the front seven, the d-backfield should be fine, and tackle better! thats just fundamental defense that the coaches need to teach better or differently from what theyre doing currently.

Overall, its looking like a pretty favorable schedule...the MSU and Minn games early in the year are going to be HUGE if the Badgers are going to be successful in the Big Ten and ultimately, a good bowl game...
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