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How old is your brother spike?


the pillow pet is a bit of a functional inside joke
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Little late here because it came late- just have to share this.

Some days after Christmas I got a small gift in the mail from a cousin up in the U.P. It was a small box in the shape/design of a book that was beautifully decorated in detail. The box also read "PEACE" on the front & back, and "JOY" on the side. I opened the box and there were papers and this ornament. The Christmas Tree ornament was pure silver. Somewhat designed like a star with these thinner silver bow tie typed weavings around the center.

The ornament was detail in design-and very strong in the quality of it.

I thought "weird" and moved on to the letters. I didn't think much of this first. Enclosed were copies of family photos of ancestors. They would be great-great grandparents of mine. In the letter, it explained this Christmas Ornament.

The ornament was an original. It was made from a "Great Auntie Dalma" back in the very early 1900's. They made their Christmas Tree Ornaments out of tin-the round tops of canned goods! These had been passed down through the generations.

This relative who made this ornament passed away when I was younger. But what I wanted to say is through this ornament, it reminds me how much I miss the relatives/people from those WW1 & WW2 generations. This ornament reminds me how resourceful they were. They didn't have much, but they were some of the happiest people I ever remember.

The men were skilled in the trades. They could build & fix anything. Yeah they could be harsh on the outside. They called it like they say it. But they had a heart of gold on the inside.

They also looked out for each other. I remember one great-uncle who fought in the trenches in WW1 would go out under the moonlight and shoot deer to feed the neighbors who were out of food. Once he was told "Max you can't hunt deer this time of night, there is a law against it now."

He'd say "Not back here there ain't." But my point is how those people helped each other & survived during the great depression. I remember the women would sit down right on the floor and play board games with us when we were children. That family interaction. Funny thing is many of them lived into their 80's & 90's.

These people were family oriented. They were survivors of those tough times. I will cherish this ornament for this reason & plan to pass this down to my kids as a reminder of where we came from.

I also hope through this post, many of you will realize you probably had wonderful ancestors too! If you haven't, I hope someday you learn about them!

Funny thing is I always said- I miss the days of Christmas like when I was young. We didn't get many presents, but what we did get-had value and meant something....just like this little ornament!
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