its a bit early but lets get some predictions for the first week of conf play
whos gonna win and why? blowouts coming? upset alert?
Arrowhead vs W.North
Muk vs W.South
W.West vs KM
Pius vs CMH @Carrol College
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Arrowhead at Waukesha North
Waukesha West at Kettle Moraine
Pius XI at Catholic Memorial
Mukwonago at Waukesha South
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I stopped by South's Thursday game against West Bend West and I saw Muk in week 1. South has struggled with or lost to some teams that are not playoff caliber teams. Muk lost to playoff caliber teams. I firmly believe Muk will come back with a vengeance against South.
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Muk 35,W South 7 - I Just think that Muk has to much power, even tho they are 0-2, they faced good quality teams.

Arrowhead 42,W North 28 - North and Arrowhead have done a good job this year putting the ball in the endzone, but north has been sub-par on defense, while arrowhead has been very quick to the ball and tough on defense.

Pius 13,Cmh 27 - Pius i dont really know to much about but this year the have got a decent group of players together,And Cmh also has a pretty solid team this year, i just think cmh has more talent then pius.

W West 47,Km 20 - Even though i dont think it will be a blow out, it wont be very close either. Km has not allowed a point yet this year, but West has a very powerfull offense. I dont think Km is better than Wisco on either side of the ball,therefore i dont see a close game.
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West beat KM 41-40
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pistol pete_old
West 38 - KM 19
Mukw 34 - South 6
Arrw 31 - North 20
CMH 35 - Pius 7
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What do expect from South? New offense that was suppose to shake up the Calssic Eight. It is the responsibility of the opposing team to stop the offense from scoring. It would have been more of an insult if Muk took a knee on the five yard line. I would first evaluate myself as a coach and then evaluate the importance my team has for the game of football.
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