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The same regional championship game, where I turned to the umpire behind the mound and he told me that the home plate umpire pretty much screwed up the call?

I believe that was the same game you were 1-4 with 3 K's, and the only hit you got didn't even leave the infield? haha. I'm still not sure why Tjader was playing on the infield grass. It was pretty obvious you weren't going to be able to hit it to the outfield...

Smart play by Wozniak, horriffic call by the home plate umpire. But after I threw my glove at the umpire I pretty much stopped complaining.

I honestly don't know how many K's I had...but I do know my run won us the it was the only AB that mattered...but like usual...making excuses and stories up again...typical horicon

You were going to lose that game anyways db, c'mon man. . . .
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Im pretty sure between high school and legion that year we split the season series 3-3, so we were pretty even teams that year. I wont even mention the game we scored 18 runs aganist you...

haha. I miss arguing with Bauer, it sucks we are getting old.
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just because we are getting old doesn't mean I'm any more mature then I was in high school...

plus we played half of our legion games drunk...probably the 3 games you beat us in...

but on a side note...who won conference for high school that year?

and the year after that?
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