(1) Stratford vs. (8) Spooner
(2) Northwestern vs. (7) St. Croix Falls
(3) Bloomer vs. (6) Arcadia
(4) Spencer/Columbus vs. (5) Elk Mound


(1) Amherst vs. (8) New Holstein
(2) Chilton vs. (7) Wittenberg-Birnamwood
(3) Kewaunee vs. (6) Brillion
(4) Peshtigo vs. (5) Bonduel


(1) St. Mary's Springs vs. (8) Milwaukee Obama
(2) Cedar Grove-Belgium vs. (7) Laconia
(3) Horicon/Hustisford vs. (6) Brookfield Academy
(4) Lomira vs. (5) Oostburg


(1) Lake Country Lutheran vs. (8) Marshall
(2) New Glarus/Monticello vs. (7) Wautoma
(3) Aquinas vs. (6) St. John's NW Military
(4) Prairie du Chien vs. (5) Columbus

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Charlie Tweeder
If Northwestern drops to D5, this might be the rare instance a school would rather play at the larger division. I think NW would take their chances with St. Croix Central in D4 over having to travel to Stratford in D5 (assuming they both get to Level 3, of course).
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Didnt Lomira beat Horicon/Hustisford? 
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Solid division. Losing Lancaster and Mondovi didnt make their compeition much easier. D6 needed to have some more elite teams anyways for Regis and RaLu.
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In Group B - Bonduel beat Peshtigo 54-0.  Peshtigo beat Crandon 8-0, Wittenberg-Birnamwood beat Crandon 49-0..  Peshtigo probably doesn't deserve to be projected above either Bonduel or Wittenberg-Birnamwood.
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If Northwestern, Amherst, and Stratford end up unbeaten, don't be surprised if they are placed in separate sections. That is a written goal of the WIAA playoff procedures ( I think). Still 2 weeks left of games so a lot can happen
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Amherst only has one game left, have a bye this week, and unless they miss the bus I don't see them losing to Iola-Scandinavia this year.. Stratford could get pushed a little against Edgar even though I don't expect them to lose, but their scoreless streak is certainly at risk..  Northwestern could get testerd by Bloomer, but they get by them and they are going undefeated I believe..  If all three go undefeated, the most logical thing to do would be to swap Stratford and Aquinas..  or rotate Stratford to B and Amherst to C, and Aquinas to A.  Be interesting to see how much the results of this weekend change these projections..  could even end up with some of these teams in different divisions..  Bonduel is right on the line of going D6, in fact Travis Wilson has Bonduel as the largest D6 school and St. Mary's Springs as the Smallest D5 school... he has Stratford is the 3rd smallest D5 school, so it's not impossible that they end up in D6 either if some there are some unexpected results the last couple weeks..
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billybobble wrote:
If Northwestern, Amherst, and Stratford end up unbeaten, don't be surprised if they are placed in separate sections. That is a written goal of the WIAA playoff procedures ( I think). Still 2 weeks left of games so a lot can happen

They aren't the only ones likely to win conference or finish unbeaten in conference though. And while splitting up conference champions and conference champions that finish unbeaten in conference play is a goal, it is not a requirement. And, teams that finish unbeaten in conference are considered they same, whether they go unbeaten in the toughest conference in the state or the worst. Sometimes the geography just doesn't work to split them perfectly.

In TigerGuy's projections, I imagine these are the conference champions he would have (X for unbeaten in conference):

Northwestern X
Stratford X
Amherst X
Saint Mary's Springs X
Kewaunee X
Horicon/Hustisford X
Lake Country Lutheran X

That's seven teams. That means one grouping would by default have just one conference champion/unbeaten conference team. The way TigerGuy splits them up makes sense geographically and I could see that being the way they go. If Lancaster wins the SWAL and ends up in D5, they would slot in Group D probably and balance things further.
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WIAA rules make an attempt to split up teams that are undefeated in conference, not just undefeated overall teams. I think there could be up to six teams undefeated in conference in D5. This could present some rough Level 3 pairings. 
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