(1) Bay Port vs. (8) D.C. Everest
(2) Kimberly vs. (7) Neenah
(3) Fond du Lac vs. (6) Appleton East
(4) Appleton North vs. (5) Green Bay Preble


(1) Muskego vs. (8) Milwaukee Bradley
(2) Mukwonago vs. (7) Milwaukee Marshall
(3) Arrowhead vs. (6) Milwaukee Riverside
(4) Milwaukee King vs. (5) Marquette


(1) Franklin vs. (8) Milwaukee South
(2) Kenosha Indian Trailvs. (7) Racine Park
(3) Oak Creek vs. (6) Badger
(4) Kenosha Bradford vs. (5) Milwaukee Reagan


(1) Madison Memorial vs. (8) Eau Claire Memorial
(2) Madison La Follette vs. (7) Madison West
(3) Sun Prairie vs. (6) Hudson
(4) Verona vs. (5) Middleton

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Interesting choices, however, no chance they group based solely on geographic location.  I cannot envision 3 of the top 4 schools being placed in the same bracket, nor can I see an 8-1 Fond du Lac as a #3.  Kimberly more than likely wins out and will be a #1.  Muskego likely beats Mukwonago this week and coasts to a #1.  Bayport continues with the easiest schedule among ranked teams and wins out taking a #1 seed.  Madison Memorial plays its last 3 games against teams with a combined 2 wins ending unbeaten and as #1 seed.  Milw King probably finishes unbeaten but fails to get a #1 and Franklin, while a great team, also will not get a #1 after getting beat in week 1 - I see both them and their week one opponent (FDL) as #2's. 

What I find more interesting is how they spilt up the bracket so we aren't rehashing games from earlier in the year in the first 3 rounds.  
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With this group of teams, I think they would be very tempted to keep them together geographically like this. Keep in mind the criteria the WIAA follows. It isn't about "3 of the top 4 team" or trying to avoid rehashing games. First and foremost it is geographic. The language is:

"Each 32 team division will be divided into four geographical sections (A, B, C, D) of 8 teams each with priority given to having an equal number of conference champions in each section.
In addition, undefeated conference champions (8-0, 8-1; 7-0, 7-2; 8-0, 9-0) will be identified. An attempt to equitably divide them throughout the geographical groupings shall be made."

So, the first thing you need to do is identify conference champions (not co-champions, but the singular champion as identified by the conference using whatever tiebreaking criteria they use, which varies). They will try to split them up equally when possible. I believe in the above group of teams, there would be eight or nine conference champions as projected by TigerGuy:

Fond du Lac
Bay Port
Milwaukee King/Riverside winner
Milwaukee Reagan/South winner
Madison Memorial

And potentially D.C. Everest, though I'd lean towards Marshfield getting it done in the VFA-West.

So in TigerGuy's groupings for conference champs it would be:
A: 3 (Bay Port, Kimberly, Fond du Lac)
B: 2 (Muskego, King/Riverside winner)
C: 2 (Franklin, Reagan/South)
D: 1 (Madison Memorial)

Then, we look at teams that finish unbeaten in conference as conference champions. It is likely all would qualify for this except Fond du Lac, so the assignment would be 2, 2, 2, 1.

In a perfect world, you'd try to bring Fond du Lac down with the Big Eight teams, but that would then kick Hudson or more likely Eau Claire Memorial over to the Fox Valley. This would increase the overall travel. You could also send both Fondy and Neenah (or one of Appleton's) to the Madison area and kick both Hudson and ECM to the "northeast", which is how those Big Rivers teams have traditionally gone.

I think you could argue to stay with what TigerGuy has due to travel, but I think you could also justify bringing Fondy down with the Big Eight schools and sending ECM to the "Northeast" grouping. I wouldn't argue strenuously against either, though I'm sure some would when it helps their side.

After those conference champions are moved how you'd like, you then assign everyone else geographically, with no attention paid to breaking up "good" groups of teams or splitting up conference teams or trying to balance "strength" of the groups.
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Charlie Tweeder
When was the last time the Big 8 had 6 teams in the playoff field? 
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Travis, how will the new computer seeding affect everything this year? I believe it will be used for the 8 team groupings? Have you seen the model by chance?  How is conference strength handled (if at all)?  Any insight on this new format would be appreciated.
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Computer seeding will start with the 2020 season. The WIAA backed off that requirement because the model wasn't ready yet.
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So coaches will vote again at seeding meetings then?
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When was the last time the Big 8 had 6 teams in the playoff field? 

2014, I think?  I remember Fond du Lac and Kimberly being sent to the Madison area group and they were the only non-Big Eight teams.
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pjmaier3 wrote:
So coaches will vote again at seeding meetings then?

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1. Bay Port 
2.Appleton North 
3.Appleton East 
4.GB Preble 
6.EC Memorial 
7.DC Everest 
8.WIs Rapids 

2.Fond du lac 
3.Mil King 
5.Mil Riverside 
6. Neenah 
7.Mil Bradley Tech
8.Mil Marshall 

1.Mad Memorial 
2.Sun Prairie 
4.Mad LaFloette 
8.Mad West 

4.Oak Creek 
6.Racine Park 
7.Racine Case 
8.Mil South 
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