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and 10 minutes before the shooting another student was killed in a car crash trying to outrun police. all on homecoming day for weston tough break for them. also heard reports of a member of hillsboro staff 24 year old woman was pregent died of a heart attack. something that everyone should keep in mind and realise stuff like this does happen close to home.
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And The Royall Brookwood Game it will be good but royall added fire to this alredy huge rival this week....So Brookwood is going to want to kick butt just like they usually want to and do to royall in the last 2 years

Are you kidding me? Brookwood beat Royall last year and the year before that Royall beat them and the year before that Royall won in overtime. Because Brookwood beat Royall last year and lost the previous 50 times doesn't mean it is a legacy and certainly don't make it sound that way.

Because Brookwood used an ineligible player against Cashton and failed miserably to manage their personel, how does that make it where Royall has "added fire" to the Brookwood rivalry? Simply because you feel that this is a year in which Brookwood has a good chance in beating Royall doesn't build it up anymore than it was in years past. Don't use this once in 20 years opportunity to leverage off of and make it into a huge monumental goal of Brookwood. You are going into the game expected to win and it is simple as that.

You are a clown.

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