A couple easier picks, one VERY interesting

Oregon @ Waunakee A LOT to probably 0
MG @ Monroe Ditto
Stoughton @ EHS SHOULD be EHS handily
Milton @ Fort Time for Fort to make a statement, but I say Milton


Ore 0 Waunakee 45
MG 42 Monroe 6
Sto 7 EHS 38
Milton 35 Fort 21
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Oregon @ Waunakee: Waunakee wore down a good MH/B team last week I say 45-0

MG @ Monroe: Its ironic that the #1 and #2 teams in D2 are in the Badger conference. 41-7

Stoughton @ EHS: Stoughton is really not that good. 38-3

Milton @ Fort: Fort Atkinson is one of the suprise teams this year, but I can't see them winning here 24-17.
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Waunakee 51 Oregon 0 (warriors dont lose at home.... or ever for that matter)
MG 42 Monroe 0 (MG doesnt break a sweat)
Edgewood 31 Stoughton 7 (Edgewood finally can take a break from tough early schedule)
Fort 20 Milton 14 (Milton is struggling and Fort has home field advantage)

And just for kicks.... Green Bay 28 New Orleans 17 GO PACK GO [mullet] (clay matthews?)
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Forgot to add Milton is 1-2, beating sauk by 3 and getting rolled by Edgewood and DeFo. Fort is 3-0. Intriguing.
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Oregon @ Waunakee
MG @ Monroe
Stoughton @ Edgewood
Milton @ Fort
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WIAAfreak wrote:
Forgot to add Milton is 1-2, beating sauk by 3 and getting rolled by Edgewood and DeFo. Fort is 3-0. Intriguing.

Great points. I am NO Milton apologist, but for your above reasons, I think they have the players to be a good team ... and GOTTA win this week. If they do, they win out minus MG. They LOSE, they could then lose to Ore and Reeds, too.

Wins are wins, but (no offense) Fort hasn't beaten anyone that good yet ... this is a HUGE game for both.
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Oregon @ Waunakee Waunakee is Waunakee and Oregon is bad. Waunakee win by at least 5
MG @ Monroe: Different game, same story. MG rolls with a 42-0 win
Stoughton @ EHS Edgewood will impress and win easily.
Milton @ Fort: I've just got a funny feeling about this one. Its gonna be close, but it's Fort's time this year. They are gonna win this one on their way to a playoff run.

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