Elkhart Lake @ Stockbridge
LKC @ Cedar Grove
Random Lake @ Howards Grove
Oostburg @ Ozaukee

Big matchup this week is RL-HG, loser goes to 0-4, and can pretty much forget about the conference title. Other 3 games should be pretty clear cut.

I like

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Yea I'm picking the same teams as you this week.

Hate to look ahead but after this week, it should set up a GIANT battle of unbeatens/Highly ranked teams in the state in Oostburg and Cedar Grove. Should be a fun game.
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picks for the week...

CG-B big over LKC
Oosty big over Ozaukee
Random over Howards in a close one
EL-G beating Stockbridge by 3 tds or so

Top 2 teams stay undefeated and make up what should be the game of the year for the conference and probably the area...CG-B's strong line and oosty's skill players should make for one heck of a game...Number 8 vs Number 4 in the d5 poll...
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Week 4 looks pretty good. Here are my picks.

LKC @ Cedar Grove - Omg. Not again. Probably the worst slaughter in the state last year. Last year Cedar Grove scored over 40 pts in the first quarter!!! This year I pick Cedar Grove 55-0. I will not make a prediction on the second half.

Random Lake @ Howards Grove- I think Random will slam this one home. I think they are better than most think. Random wins 23-6. Random may not lose another game this year in the conference.

Oostburg @ Ozaukee - Ozaukee is just overmatched here. I think Oostburg wins 34-7.

Elkhart @ Stockbridge - This is my shocker of the week. I like Stockbridge who seem to be getting a little better each year. Elkhart is decent too. This is a good matchup. Stockbridge wins 12-7
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Oostburg 38
Ozaukee 0
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Cedar Grove 52
LKC 10

52-0 at halftime. Coach Zablocki is a classy guy obviously.

Elkhart Lake 26
Stockbridge 6

This one was 66-0 last year if memory serves, Stockbridge does seem to be improving, impressive with them having 81 kids in the entire high school.

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Random Lake 36
Howards Grove 28

Bit closer than I expected to be honest. More points scored too.

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Elkhart Lake
Cedar Grove
Random Lake
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