Ok, this week turned out so much more interesting than I could have ever imagined. What does everyone think now, after seeing the results from the 4 conference games... heres a look back.

Cuba City 41 - Boscobel 6
Mineral Point 20 - Darlington 6
Southwestern 20 - Iowa Grant 18
Fennimore 47 - Riverdale 6

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The Dr._old
Cuba Boscobel - No surprise what was this about giving Boscobel respect after the N.C. game?

Fennimore Riverdale - Just as I suspected Fennimore is the best team in the Conference and Riverdale did nothing but win two weak non conference games to start the year. They really are going to be as bad as people thought.

Mineral Point Darlington - This one got me. I know Darlington is weak this year, but I still couldn't see a struggling MP team going down there and getting a W. Even though Darlington now is arguably one of the bottom 3 teams in the league, this is still a win that could jump start the Pointers.

Southwestern IG - I knew Southwestern was a lot better than most thought, but this even surprised me. Although Fennimore I believe is the top team, Southwestern is definately not going to be a push over win for them, and I'm really starting to jump on this bandwagon.....
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i wasnt saying crawfords good i was just saying that the reason he picked boscobel last week is north crawford has a bad football program, i was just justifying that if that was his reason for picking boscobel hes retarded cause north crawford has been ranked in the top 10 the last 2 years, now if he would have said that north crawford lost 16 seniors on their team that was ranked 4th in the state in d7 last year his post would have made sense
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I wanted to pick Southwestern's upset. Read my preview capsule ... I almost talked myself into it.


Good win by the Wildcats, though. What a conference race this is going to be.

Saw the second half of the Redbirds game. (painful sigh) It looks like this is the year the playoff streak finally ends.
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Its ok Bwady... you'll always be a hero of mine... regardless of if you succeed or not. But ya, its a shame that things are like that. How were community reactions towards the 2003 team that just barely made playoffs?

I also still honestly believe the Redbirds aren't completely done for... its only week 1. Yes right now, they're looking pretty bad... but still, I expect to see a change of momentum from Darlington shortly.
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I didn't think they looked that bad in the Pec game. The interception was a momentum and game changer. However, I also think you don't blame their 0-3 start on the interest not being there. That's pretty poor. You're now blaming the kids. Just live with the record and I am sure things will work themselves out. But I HIGHLY doubt that the kids playing don't want to win. There are some quality athletes on that team.
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Like some members here, I wasn't sure if Southwestern could pull off the upset against Iowa-Grant, but the Wildcats got the job done.

Darlington, well, to start the season winless after three games, one has to think that the Redbirds will find a way to win enough contests to make the playoffs.

As for North Crawford since they got whipped by Boscobel, I don't mean to be harsh by saying this. Now and then, any team regardless of the area and reputation, goes through a stretch (either at least one week or longer than that) where they struggle. Another thing, for those like myself who have followed the sport at the prep level for quite some time, during (either a part or most of) the last decade, the Trojans went through a winless drought (how long, I forget) before finally winning a game even though in that time span, North Crawford won a game - by forfeit against a team not in the Ridge & Valley, the reason being that the other team had a player suit up even though he was ineligable (sorry about the misspelling). Sure, a win is a win, but when a team goes through a winless streak, getting a victory by forfeit just doesn't feel the same as seeing the final score on the scoreboard.
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