Brookwood at Wauzeka (nc), 3 p.m. -- Brookwood
Cashton at De Soto (nc) -- DeSoto
Bangor at Seneca (nc) -- Seneca in a close one
Hillsboro at Kickapoo/La Farge (nc) -- Hillsboro... by a decent margin.
Royall at Melrose-Mindoro (nc) -- Melrose-Mindoro picks up their first win of the year.
New Lisbon at Ithaca (nc) -- Interesting matchup, these two teams haven't played each other since the 2001 playoffs, with Ithaca coming out on top in that one. I'll go with New Lisbon in this one, but we'll see what happens.
Wonewoc-Center vs. Weston at Cazenovia (nc) -- Wonewoc-Center, I don't know if they'll put up the offensive firepower that they did yesterday, but they could.
Cochrane-Fountain City at Necedah (nc) -- I'll take Necedah here, but I don't know much about C-FC to give you a better prediction.
I will not apologize for being awesome.
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Bangor/Seneca - Seneca, though I don't know much about either team
Brookwood/Wauzeka-Stueben - Brookwood
Cashton - DeSoto - DeSoto
Hillsboro/Kickapoo/LaFarge - Hillsboro, despite KLF having one of the area's coolest mascot names - the Predators
Necedah/CFC - CFC, I'll go out on a limb...
New Lisbon/Ithaca - Ithaca...probably really swell game
Royall/Mel-Min - Mel-Min, but Royall will have points on the board
Wonewoc-Center/Weston - WC, but only if they come out of the gates like they did this week against North Crawford-desire is a great fuel

Week 2 looks to have a couple of closer matchups instead of lots of blowouts...good luck to all, and enjoy that last week of summer vacation for those who have it

Photos and highlight clips (Scenic Bluffs, Viterbo University and other schools) Online at
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coach k_old
i like seneca over bangor brookwood big over wauzeka mel min over royall but in a rather close game new lisbon big over ithica necedah over cfc hillsboro in a land slide w-c pretty easy. and desoto over cashton.
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Even though I haven't studied up on any teams this year, I figure I'll take a stab at these predictions myself...

I'll take Seneca over Bangor just because I don't think that Bangor has anything special this year.
I'll take Brookwood over Wauzeka because I know of Wauzeka's history of winning.
I'll take DeSoto over Cashton, just because its Cashton.
I'll take Hillsboro over Kickapoo-La Farge, because I also know of their history of winning.
I'll take Necedah, because I have no idea about C-FC
I'll take New Lisbon, because if Cashton can beat Ithaca, so can NL.
I'll take Mel-Min, even though they got shut out by Bangor, I just think that Royall is that bad.
I'll take Wonewoc-Center, because they have been getting tougher over the years and that's the only reason.

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coach k_old
its really wierd how the scheduling worked out that all conferences teams were home in week 1 and away in week 2.
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