Anybody see the Detroit game? I just got to the tv... Saw that Arizona needed a last minute TD to beat them. Did AZ really play that bad?
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no one knows since it was blacked out
Science Rules!
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Arizona is one of those teams you never know who will show up.

When they played MN, they played the best game they have all season. But against San Fran, they stunk up the joint.
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Ouch. The Vikings get handled by Carolina and fail to take advantage of NO's loss, and now have Philly breathing down their neck for the #2 seed.
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you know considering the pack are 9-5 it just seems like the Vikings still find ways to rub it in even with their loss...the Packers blow 2 games they should have won in TB and now in Pittsburgh and instead of just beating the Panthers and making it a little easier to take this loss they decide to lose and say "ohhh if only you would have won those games you were supposed to you would have a shot at the division...but instead you lose those winnable games and we still take the North"

thanks for that [&o]
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