Rutgers vs UCF
Wisconsin vs Minnesota
Texas A&M vs LSU
Baylor vs Oklahoma State
Missouri vs Ole Miss
Arizona State vs UCLA

Rutgers vs UCF- The Knights should take it fairly easily, especially with the next few games being must-win to make the BCS.
Wisconsin vs Minnesota- Should be a good one, but I question if the Goofers will be able to keep up with the pounding the Badgers bring on both sides of the ball.
Texas A&M vs LSU- Potential shootout. But no one leaves Death Valley in good shape.
Baylor vs Oklahoma State- The Pokes in Stillwater are hard to beat. Baylor is fast and physical and will give OSU a look they haven't seen yet. Still, I think OK-State edges the Bears. If not, Baylor has to be in the National Title discussion.
Missouri vs Ole Miss- Mizzou controls their own destiny in the East. I think they have what they need to beat the Rebels and inch closer to the East title.
Arizona State vs UCLA-UCLA vs Oregon in the Pac-12 title game? A real possibility if the Bruins take care of business at the Rose Bowl vs the Devils.
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BYU/Notre Dame is an interesting match up between Independents, would be nice (on multiple levels) to see the Cougars pick up the W.
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Wisconsin is the better team but don't play there best on the road. Gopher nation has been rejuvenated with the success the Gophers have had this year. TCF will be rocking Saturday at 2:30. Wisconsin should win this game but don't overlook the Gophers! Jerry Kill and his staff have done a fantastic job in rebuilding that program from the ground up. Love rooting for the underdog, I'll say 34-31 Gophers just for arguments sake.

A&M @ LSU-Should be a great football. Its really hard to go against Johnny Manziel. He is an absolute star despite what you think about his off the field antics. A&M 41-34.

Baylor @ OK State- Baylor is looking to get into the BCS, OK State is having a great year as well and are at home. The Cowboys ruin Baylor's season 31-27

Missouri beats Ole Miss handily 34-17

UCLA beats ASU 24-21

BYU sneaks by ND 17-14
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Some funny comments from the Razorback faithful regarding their new coach. He ran a fake punt on 4th and 2 up 10-3 with under 5 minutes left in the 2nd from the Arkansas side of the field. It triggered comments like this:

Quote from: bphi11ips on Today at 12:45:14 pm
Are you kidding me? Has Bret Bielema had a full frontal labotomy?
Same stuff the wisky fans complained about.

It makes me more glad to have CGA every day!
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Wow, see that first drive by MISS in OT? lol
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Oregon, fresh off stating that going to the Rose Bowl(assuming winning out) would be the worst tragedy in football history, is getting worked in Zona. #Karma?
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Georgia Southern piled up 426 yards on the ground and none in the air in a 26-20 win over Florida. The hot seat for Muschamp just got quite a bit hotter after losing that game. First losing season for the Gators since 1979 (0-10-1)
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Crazy day of football. Will be an interesting Ranking/BCS day tomorrow.
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Interesting game going on down in Stillwater, OK!
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Arkansas lost in overtime to mississippi state, so after arkansas loses the golden boot to lsu next week, bielema will have gone defeated in conference play on his inaugural voyage through the sec.

So he's got that going for him, which is nice
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Really hoping Auburn is at the top of their game next Saturday .....
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