A bit of a smaller deal, but an absolute steal for the Warriors.

Warriors in-Jordan Crawford, Marshon Brooks
Warriors out-Toney Douglas

Celtics in-Joel Anthony, Philly lotto protected 14' 1st rounder, future 2nd rounder
Celtics out-Jordan Crawford, Marshon Brooks

Miami in-Toney Douglas
Miami out-Joel Anthony, Philly 1st rounder, 2nd rounder

Golden State has good perimeter shooting and scoring. It just got a lot better. Jordan Crawford has been beasting this year in Boston and surprisingly, as a primary ballhandler. He will run the duties of the second unit in Golden State. His percentages haven't been great, but likely a source of having to do a lot with not much. Diener's favorite player, Marshon Brooks, also sent along with Crawford to GS. What a fall from grace. After a stellar rookie season, Brooks fell out of favor in Brooklyn, was traded to Boston in the KG/Pierce deal. He hasn't played at all in Boston. He could get spot minutes, albeit few and far between. Golden State's 1-3 goes Curry, Klay, Iguodala with Barnes, Draymond Green and Crawford off the bench. That leaves a potential opening for Bazemore or Brooks.

Shocked Boston seemed to sell a little low in a smaller deal. Hard to fault them because they got anything, let alone a (very small) potential of a 1st round pick. The 1st rounder from Philly is lotto protected in 14' and 15'. If it isn't conveyed in 15', they will receive two 2nd rounders. Boston had an opportunity to put a pretty decent package together with Crawford, Lee, Bass, Humphries expiring and a load of picks, but chose to go with smaller deals when they traded Courtney Lee for Jerryd Bayless in what was seemingly an acquisition of an expiring contract and now this, a bunch of 2nd rounders. What's hard to see is any semblance of core to build around. Jeff Green is around, same with Rondo, but neither are exactly spring chickens.

Miami's deal is a complete tax saving move. They see this as giving up three 2nd rounders and save $15 million in luxury tax.
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