Swearing, ripping into coaches, ripping into schools, etc., is NOT allowed on these message boards. We have deleted some recent posts that violate those rules. PLEASE refrain from breaking our posting rules in the future or you will be banned. Thank you.
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[link=http://www.wissports.net/playground/showprofile.asp?memID=31065]Uglegend[/link] - If you feel that Mark's post was out of line, you should just leave now.

I've just deleted a couple more posts, most recent one involving comments about a girls volleyball team who all had sexual diseases. That type of talk is not allowed on Wissports. If you cannot behave in a responsible manner, here is what will happen:

1) Your account WILL be deleted.
2) Your email address WILL be blacklisted, meaning you cannot use that same one to create a new account.
3) Your IP address WILL be blocked, meaning you cannot even visit the sight.
4) If you go on at school, your school's administration WILL be contacted and provided with your information (name, email, address).
5) If it is all of you, this board WILL be shut down. It has happened in the past, and can happen again.

So, final warning. Shape up.

If you read any posts that break the rules, please pm me and I'll get here ASAP to deal with it.

The Brewers will finish 90-72 and earn the #1 WC berth.

Carlos Gomez will have a 30/40 season (HR/SB) and win a 2nd Gold Glove en route to an All Star selection.
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