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I believe some of you have taken my post the wrong way. As for whoever said something about the kids not taking in MY interests or whatever, your definitly not getting what i was saying. I just dont like all the MEDIA COVERAGE on these kids. They got alot of stuff on their plate, especially at such a young age. I'm sick of the MEDIA. Not the kids. They do what they gotta do, or what conventional wisdom tells them to anyway. Again, I ask that you guys try to undersstand what im saying before jumping all over my case.

You are not alone in those feelings. H.S. Jr's calling press conf to talk about themselves.
Teammates acting like quasi agents. I have nothing against VB at all, appears to be quite talented and perhaps put in a tough situation with all the AAU/media coverage so early. Different media outlet's racing for the scoop and crossing lines they later retract or making assumptions that are hunches at best. But with the UNNAMED sources who really knows. Why do we have VERBAL's at all? They mean nothing really, do not stop other colleges from showing intrest and seem less and less viable.
"The name All-Northwest itself means something to readers of the Leader-Telegram." ?

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Decommitting from a University after making and early verbal commitment happens quite often. Vander is a young guy who is entitled to make the decision that is in his best interest. I recall a young kid from Minneapolis North, Khalid El Amin, who verbally committed to Clem Haskin's at Minnesota when he was 15 or 16 and then later pulled out of the commitment. A number of MN fans were upset, but El Amin chose to look around and eventually picked UConn. I'd say he was wise in going somewhere else since the U of MN ended up on probation and El Amin ended up as the starting point guard for a UConn team that won the national championship in 1999.

Had Badger fans not trashed Vander so much for wanting to look around, he just might have decided that his first choice was the best choice (it still might turn out that way), but let him make the choice which is best for himself, not best for Badger basketball. And...as much as it might hurt, Tubby Smith, at the University of MN, might have the best fit of a system for Vander's skill set.
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hoopsgalore wrote:

It's nothing uncommon and nothing that you should be getting burned out/sick of because it's very common for this to happen.

sure, it's not uncommon for players to commit early, but that doesn't make it right or good. baseball players taking steroids was common too. Look where that got us.

Besides, look what happened. The kid commited early, and now he thinks he made the wrong choice. I think that is exactly the point hoopsgalore was making. kids are feeling pressure to make decisions before they're really comfortable making them.

I'm a huge Badger fan, but I'd be very ashamed if Badger fans rip on another kid for making a life decision that he thinks is best for him. Phil Kessel, Wesley Matthews, etc were just 17- or 18-year-old kids trying to make a college choice that would benefit them the most. I'm sorry if they have their own interests in mind instead of YOUR interests in mind.

also, its amazing how badger fans love it when somebody apparently spurns another school (i.e. Kraig Appleton) to come to Wisconsin, but have no tolerance for the other way around. I remember Jeff Potrykus of the MJS saying as much in a blog, and of course Badger fans let him have it, but he was definitely right.

Duh. We are Badger fans. What do you expect? And what does steriods in baseball have anything to do with this sitiuation?

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