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vander is the best in the state right now hands down. any grade any position. JP hasnt even reached half of his potential. but he will soon. but as of right now if i had to start my high school team i would choose vander blue #1 and chim kadima #2.
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It is very hard to argue against Vander Blue right now. He has accomplished more than any current player in the state. Like MemorialBball said, he has 3 state appearances (2 finals appearances), 1 state title, and a 71-7 career record as a Varsity player. All of this includes a State Tournament MVP and all-state honors.

He has simply dominated his competition.

Wow...I guess Jeronne Maymon had nothing to do with past 2 appearances, and Vander has single handedly, taken this team to state 3 years in a row, which is pretty tough to do when your on JV as a frosh, and Keaton Nankivil is on your team. Somehow, I think memorial has a history of getting to state before Vander Blue, and will continue to do well after he is gone. Like most statements on here, hype and reality are often confused.

Well, no **** Jeronne had something to do with Memorial getting to state. Basketball is a team game and no single player is solely responsible for getting his team somewhere. However, there's no denying the impact that Vander provided. He stepped up when it mattered most and was rewarded with a State Tournament MVP.

Hype and reality are often confused? You think Vander is hype? He's had the scope on him ever since he has been a sophomore and has delivered, whether it be on the HS or AAU level. He has not only been rewarded with offers from some of the biggest programs in the country, but also rewarded with a high ranking within his class, nationally. A lot of guys highly ranked on sites such as Rivals, Scout, ESPN, etc., are players with mediocre statistics, but are highly regarded because of their physical abilities. Not only is Vander highly regarded because of his physical abilities, but he has delivered for his program and for himself as an individual.

I will stand by this: Vander Blue is the best player in the state right now. I'll even go out and say whoever is second... is pretty distant.

I was just referring to the flat out false hoods. Vander blue was on JV as a frosh, and nothing to do with a state team, nor has he played in the number of varsity games you are reporting. You also made it sound as if he carried this team to 3 state appearances.

Now I am not going to tell you that Vander is not the best player. that is opinion, but to say it's distant as to 2nd? Please. Let me counter your arugments using your logic.

Other players have equal if not better offers than Blue. Tokoto = Duke, Kansas, Louisville, all are better than Blues. Gasser has, Maryland, which is equal if not better than Blue, but that is merely opinon and can be debated. But you want stats, Gasser has more points, rebounds, and averages than Blue. So try another stat.
Anderson and JP Tokoto have both been higher ranked than Blue.

Tell, you what, let Blue play his game, and let that do the talking for him. That represents him far better than anything you are saying for him.

I made it sound as if he carried his team to three state appearances? How so? Because I said he's accomplished more than any player in the state? Its true that he's accomplished more than any player in this state, combining accolades and his team's will to win. All I said was he was a large part of helping his team at state, which really cannot be disputed.

What do offers have to do with how good a player is right now? An offer can be based off a number of factors like athleticism, potential, and a certain need at a position. Just because Tokoto has those offers, does not make him a better player than Blue, who is highly two years older and highly rated, just like his fellow in-stater.

Anderson and Tokoto have both been rated higher than Blue? Yes, Anderson has! Guess where he is now? Not rated higher than Blue. Players don't improve sometimes and that's why bringing in offers for Tokoto is kind of a joke. Anderson was a top-10 player nationally and where is he now? Last I looked, outside the Top-100.

Distant second? Who knows who it could be. Could be Gasser, Kelm, Tokoto, etc. I just don't see another player in this state at this moment that is at the level of Blue. If your argument for another player being better than Blue is the type of offers he has, then I can't really debate this because that is just ridiculous to say the least.

All we can do is agree to disagree.
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Vander is the best in the state right now. After the performance he put on at the state tournament last year it would be very hard for someone to top that. As for all time history, thats tough to say cuz he still is in high school. We have to see what he does in college first to put his place in history. If you go just on high school I would say he is one of the best ever.
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J.P. put up 29 last night in a victory over Germantown with Bo Ryan in attendance.

I have seen almost every one of Tokoto's HS games. Those of you saying he is not a good athlete, or need more coordination know not of what you speak. Vander Blue is the best player in the state right now. But I would argue that J.P. is even more athletic than Vander. From the games I have seen this season J.P.s midrange game has improved dramatically. Give him a three point game and he may end up being the best player ever to come out of Wisconsin when all is said and done.
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wisconsin has had some sneaky good ball players over the years. we're not the most athletic state, we're not producing a constant stream of lottery picks like a new york, florida, texas or california, but we ain't to shabby. there are some good ball players, good pro's that are either from the state or played a good deal of ball (hs or college. michael finley and alondo tucker come to mind as 'outsiders' who spent time here and came out just fine on the otherside) here.
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