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Just a thought, could the alumni from LAX help contribute to a baseball program? I know there have been cases where colleges cut an athletic program, and the alumni stepped up to get it going again. I hope something can be done!

I was wondering the same thing. If the coach has already volunteered to coach next season for free, then how much would it cost to fund the rest of the program? Naturally something like a spring trip south is probably too expensive, but I would think a fundraising effort among alumni could generate enough funds to keep the program one more year, so that the players have time to appropriately plan ahead with transfers, etc.

I never saw a UWLX baseball game but I will never forget the silent auction they had a couple years at the basketball game I was at.

Ton's of very cool things like Barry Alvarez signed footballs, and things by pro's etc.
Piles of donated things from A to Z. Great buys and a great cause. I hope they find some way to get thru the current situation.

"The name All-Northwest itself means something to readers of the Leader-Telegram." ?

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what a joke, did they seriously need to spend 16.6 million to renovate the field so they can host a two day track event? I know thats not the whole reason why but it seems to be a reason. They cut baseball the most popular sport in america. people dont go watch track meets, the national pastime isn't track, there's no such thing as major league track. It's very pitiful that even our state universities are cutting our baseball. I could vent on more but ill leave it at that before I start offending people.

You don't have to tear down track to be a supporter of baseball. People do go watch track meets, especially at the state level. The state track meet regularly draws about 3 times as many people per day as the Big Ten conference baseball tournament. (6,000-12,000 over four days vs 15,000-19,000 over two days, both somewhat dependent on weather) I'd like to see UW-Madison bring back baseball, I'd like to see all WIAC schools bring back baseball, and I'd like to see baseball players stop ripping on track and field.

In addition, the new facility will probably help recruiting so they can add to their 11 national championships in outdoor track and field including 6 out of the last 9 years. Maybe they'll even be chosen to host nationals now, which would be another boost to the economy similar to the state meet.

I thought this was a super post by Big Al. To be upfront, I really enjoy both sports. I grew up on baseball, but as time went by gained a great appreciation of track and field. (As well as those involved in the sport). I hate to say this, but I don't think baseball is as popular as it used to be. You just don't see kids getting together at ball fields and playing together like years ago. I don't remember the stats, but bottom line there is a terribly high attrition rate in baseball for kids. We're doing something wrong here in America.

And if you look at the Big Leagues, more and more of the best players are from "south of the border." I also agree, I don't like to hear about baseball players having to cut down track. But most kids are a reflection of their parents. If you're the type of person who needs to cut others down to build yourself up...well, good luck to you in life.

I've always felt that Wisconsin is underrated in baseball. I'd like to see more colleges here have baseball. I still have a hard time believing U-W Madison doesn't have a baseball team. In recent years I really enjoyed watching St. Norbert play schools like U-W Stevens Point, Lawrence University, etc. But unfortunately, I've seen more fans at an Ashwaubenon Girl's Youth softball game. [>:]

Just a thought, could the alumni from LAX help contribute to a baseball program? I know there have been cases where colleges cut an athletic program, and the alumni stepped up to get it going again. I hope something can be done!
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According to UW-L's website:

Updated Message from UW-La Crosse Chancellor Gow Regarding Baseball and Men's Tennis
La Crosse, Wis. ? The following is an updated message from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow regarding the Eagles' baseball and men's tennis programs:
As you know, the State?s extraordinary budget reductions to UW-L have forced us to make a wide range of difficult cuts, including ending our baseball and men?s tennis programs. We had planned today to formally notify the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Association (WIAC) about the elimination of these two programs; however, at the request of numerous alumni, parents and friends of the University we are delaying notifying WIAC officials about our plans so that our coaches and potential donors can determine whether it is feasible for these two sports to be supported entirely through private funding for the coming year, and possibly on into the future. We have indicated that we can wait until September 1st to learn the donors? intentions for the coming 2009-2010 season, because at that point the baseball and men?s tennis coaches will need to have contracts and begin being compensated for their work.

Although fundraising for sports activities at UW-L is a longstanding tradition, we have never thought it possible or desirable to fund an entire program or programs through private donations. However, in light of the unique situation we're currently facing, we don?t want to deny the coaches and the many enthusiastic supporters of our baseball and men?s tennis teams the opportunity to see what might be possible. Our athletic department has determined that, based on last year?s budgets and input from the coaches overseeing them, maintaining baseball for the coming 2009-2010 season will require $50,000 and continuing men?s tennis for another year will require $40,000. As I?ve said, these funds will need to be in hand by September 1st.

Provided adequate monies can be raised to fund the two programs for 2009-2010, donors then will need to make more challenging decisions about whether they are able to sustain baseball and men?s tennis over the long term. Based on discussions with our coaches and athletic department leadership, we have determined that five years of advance funding will need to be raised before we can tell potential UW-L students these programs are stable. Because privately funded programs will not draw the student fees they now receive (a decision approved by our coaches and athletic department leadership), the annual costs of baseball and men?s tennis will rise over the 2010-2015 period; thus several hundred thousand dollars will need to be raised to sustain each program for these five years. And these large funding pools would need to be raised by May 1, 2010 so that coaches, players and prospective recruits could have a realistic sense of the viability of the baseball and men?s tennis programs beyond the 2009-2010 season and be able to make informed decisions about their future personal plans.

In the days since we made the very painful announcement that UW-L is no longer able to maintain financial support for baseball and men?s tennis Athletic Director Joe Baker and I have been struck by the outpouring of concern we?ve received via e-mail messages, telephone calls and personal conversations. But our current budget crisis gives us no choice but to ask for sacrifices from our athletic department, just as we have asked for sacrifices from every other area of the University. So it is very heartening to see so many members of the UW-L community come forward to offer their very generous support to keep Eagle baseball and men?s tennis alive. To be honest, I?m not sure whether this is feasible over the long term; but the messages I?ve received this week suggest that it is entirely possible to sustain these programs for an additional year with private funds. Toward that end I am personally donating $1,000 to be divided between the baseball and men?s tennis fundraising efforts for 2009-2010. While this is but a small contribution, I hope it inspires others to think about making similar gifts in support of these extraordinary campaigns. Should you wish to make your own donation please contact Pat Stephens at the L Club/UW-L Foundation (785-8153 or stephens.patr@uwlax.edu) and ask about the funds established by Baseball Coach Chris Schwarz and Men?s Tennis Coach Bill Hehli.

I look forward to providing you with an update about baseball and men?s tennis once we hear the results of the fundraising now being done in support of them. As I?ve indicated, we?ll know definitive information about the coming season by September 1st. In the meantime, thanks for your patience and continuing dedication to UW-L.

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