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kenny78 wrote:

That's the real problem. It is strictly about money now, whereas in the past it actually meant something to be invited to play in a bowl game because a team actually had a good season. Now you have guarantees based on how many wins a team gets so they stack their non-conference schedules with chumps. I don't want to see any more whining about what Notre Dame does because Wisconsin, along with the rest of the Big Ten, is no different now. There are no more than 5 Big Ten teams that deserve a bowl bid, and even Iowa is iffy as the 5th. How absolutely embarrassing.

Do you watch football? Iowa is 12 points away from being undfeated. They've won 5 of 6 since figuring out their QB situation including routes of Wisconsin and Minnesota and oh yeah they beat Penn State. They have one of the best RB's in the country who has ran over Everybody.

Iowa's 4 losses
@ Pitt (7-3) 21-20
vs. Northwestern (9-3) 22-17
@ MSU (9-3) 16-13
@ Illinois (5-7) 27-24

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BAadams714 wrote:

This game 2day makes me sick to my stomach!!! The Badgers should feel like s*** after 2day cuz they played like s***!! I hope no bowl invites us! j/k, but I just don't get how a D1 defense like UW's lets a school like Cal Poly put up numbers like that on them. We Neeeeed!!!! a new D coordinater!! All season long i've never seen UW's D so confused and not knowing what their assignment is, its just pathetic. I thought these guys got recruited to a D1 school for a sure looks like they have no business bein there!

Another thing thats been bugging me all season long is our O-line. Should UW start being called, "Cupcake U" cuz it sure seems like all of those big guys that go to UW just seem to get more cuddly every year!! If ur line averages 6'6" and 300 some pounds, how aren't u able to just man handle every other Dfense and just pound it down their throut! Especially with the backs we have like Hill and Clay! I just don't know anymore!

All I know is that UW has some serious problems that need to be fixed and i really hope they can fix them soon! I agree with most ppl that its our coaches, but you should always count on the fact that there isn't s*** for leadership on this team this year and our players just have no disipline.

Srry if i seem a little overboard, but i'm just venting a little bout this disappointing season.

Gabe Carimi is the biggest stiff of them all. He is absolutely terrible. When oglesby starts next year, they better not have carimi at the other tackle. They need to find another tackle along with oglesby and let carimi sit on the bench where he belongs.
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SeedThrower wrote:

Fact of the matter is, this Badger team really isnt that good. I tried saying this early in the year when all the WSN groupies jumped all over me and would neg me to death. Here is something else I have said that Ted Perry from Fox 6 editorialized about the other night.

If Wisconsin wants to play with the big boys or even be considered as a big boy, they need to schedule some better teams. Judging by the way they had their lunch handed to them against Cal Poly maybe they should stick with playing D2 talent.

Good thing they cancelled the game with W. Virginia so they could schedule Cal Poly.

What a joke!

It was Va Tech not WVU.
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SeedThrower wrote:

eastreddevils15 wrote:

It was Va Tech not WVU.

ok, my mistake. But what the hell is the difference? Wisconsin cant even beat a D2 program at home convincingly. This team should be ashamed of themselves, not throwing their helmets off and running around the field like an idiot acting like they just beat Ohio State.

Stop making yourself look life a moron by continuously referring to Cal Poly as a D2 program. They are a Division 1 school!
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BB21 wrote:

I never said I was content with how the season as a whole played out. However, I am pretty content with how they have played after the four game losing streak. The team could have packed it in easily by then, but besides the tough loss to Michigan State, they went out and got W's. And I'm not gonna say I've excused everything they've done this season, because I was disgusted by the Michigan and Iowa games. I hated the Penn St. game as well but think Penn St. was simply head and shoulders above Wisconsin this year. But they rebounded with a nice Win over Michigan, a dominant one over Indiana, which was great to see even if it was Indiana, and a come from behind win over Minnesota. A win over Minnesota is key to being happy about at least a portion of the season.

And then this game with Cal Poly. I really don't get how everyone is devastated about this win. Sure, they are FBS. But I repeat, I firmly believe that these days year in and year out there are a couple FBS teams that can go out and beat a load of FCS schools, whether they're BCS or not. Stick them in a Big 10 or a Big East and I think they win some conference games that year. I'm not saying they'd contend for a conference title, because they wouldn't, and I'm not saying they could play Div. 1-A satisfactory football year in and year out, because they couldn't. But this year, a Cal Poly could beat a lot of "power conference" teams.

Caly Poly presented some huge issues for that defense. Their offensive formation was unlike anything the Wisconsin D was used to, and those teams are always harder to prepare for. Add to that that the triple option is a tough offense to defend when it's executed well, and Cal Poly executes the triple option pretty darn well. Also, that offense can be very time consuming when run effectively, and the fact that Cal Poly had the ball for 40 minutes in this game and still lost says something about UW's offense and it's ability to work well with limited time. Wisconsin outgained Cal Poly despite having the ball for half the time they did, that's what I'd expect out of a BCS school against a FBS school. I don't like that Cal Poly was able to hold the ball that long, or that they played with a lead almost the entire game, but I was expecting a close game, and I'm glad we got a W out of it.

I'm gonna guess you meant Illinois, as both games against schools from Michigan ended in Bad losses.
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The amazing thing about Cal poly is that if anyone saw the facilities out of which they operate compared to the Badgers to go along with the size advantage of the players no body should give them a chance. They had a couple things going for them. Rich Ellerson is a fantastic coach who runs a tight ship. The players are highly intelligent. They run offensive and defensive schemes that are not common in football these days.
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Good catch, I did indeed mean Illinois. My bad. +2
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SeedThrower wrote:

sabers06 wrote:

Stop making yourself look life a moron by continuously referring to Cal Poly as a D2 program. They are a Division 1 school!

Sorry Sabers, A D1 AA. That should make the you and the Badgers feel much better about themselves and the team. Just what is the difference between a D1AA and a D2 football team genius Saber?

Losers, or should I say chokers? They can never seem to win a big game, you know, a game that would help the program turn the corner into an elite program. They should keep playing teams like Cal Poly, The Citadel and the likes of those teams.

People seem to forget that many elite teams play 1-AA teams frequently. Look at LSU's schedule this year. They're non-con consisted of Troy, Appalachian State (1-AA school), North Texas and Tulane. Not exactly murderers row. Florida played The Citadel this year, Georgia played Georgia Southern, Ohio State played Youngstown State. Those are all 1-AA teams. Most power conference teams play a weak non-conference schedule and many play 1-AA teams. At least the one the Badgers played was a good one (ranked #3). It's not fair to criticize the Badgers for playing a 1-AA team and leave out all the other teams that do as well.
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