Wisconsin moved up one spot from #13 to #12.

Marquette drops from #9 to #20.

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Wow that is a huge drop!
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Wow......#20? Thats nuts crazy. Good thing this isnt the BCS. they'd be screwed already.
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Haha your right and that is a severe drop just for the first lost of the year i was thinking anywhere from 16-18 but not 20 wow.
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i hate marquette, and even i think thats ridiculous
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Frankly, Im glad they dropped that far, maybe it will put chip on their shoulder. They needed to know that it is not acceptable to play the way they have been playing if they want to make a run this year. Letting a school that doesnt even have a conference come in and win on your home court, when youre the number 8 team in the country?!?!? Thats not acceptable and hopefully this gives them a dose of reality that they havent accopmlished anything yet.
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