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porch64 is a 1 post Corneller who thinks they can make the playoffs and takes a story about one underage person being cited and turns it into multiple violations .

Cornell already lost to Lake Holcombe as usual , there is no rewriting history .

You know I was just asking a question, and if I made a mistake on the numbers, sorry, my confrence record should have said 3-4, I deeply and utterly appologize for being human and making a mistake. Like I said before I was asking a question and I really don't care for the rivalry between Holcombe and Cornell. I'm not from this area. As far as athletes being in trouble I got that from the comments section in that article. Not from the article itself. So am I wrong for assuming that there were athletic violations? You don't have to be arrested to get a violation. As far as a tie goes, if Cornell beats New Auburn and Clayton, and if Holcombe looses to Pepin and New Auburn those three teams will be in a circle Tie. Cornell Lost to Holcombe, Holcombe lost to New Auburn and New Auburn lost to Cornell. But does it really matter? I just asked a question and People got all rilled up over it. I didn't bash any team. So why bash me for asking a question? Maybe because people feal braver in front of the computer monitor then actually talking to someones face.

Nobody was bashing porch64 , we were only pointing out that the story itself did not mention violations .

This is not the first time the Chieftains have been stung by drinking violations late in a season .

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