I'm in TV Productions class. We are runinng low on story ideas. I was wondering if my friends on the water cooler board would help me out with some suggestions? Looking for something quick and funny. Any ideas? THANKS!
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Well I was thinking...If there are any really really cool people in your school, like maybe say a senior girl that is really awesome and like an exceptional athlete or something along those lines, you should do a story on them.

Or maybe you could do a lame-o story on like Marlley Prince or Mitch Olson or something like that.
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Do what every show does when they run out of ideas: clip show.
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Well, you could always do some shows on colleges. Like one week have UW-Eau Claire, then another week UW-La Crosse (road trip), or even do a CVTC show. A lot of students don't even know what the schools or places look like or what's to offer. Open their eyes up.

If you're looking for humor, I was in a TV Production class and did a spinoff of 'COPS', it went pretty well.

Also, have you ever seen the segment the 'Mayne Event'? Now there's some funny type of news you can do, make stuff up for entertainment purposes. Creative writing at it's best .
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