1. Nate Clemens-CB
2. Adalius Thomas-LB
3. Patrick Kerney-DE
4. Cato June-OLB
5. Eric Steinbach-G
6. Donte' Stallworth-WR
7. Leonard Davis-OT
8. Kevin Curtis-WR
9. Daniel Graham-TE
10. Nick Harper-CB
11. London Fletcher-LB
12. Dominic Rhodes-RB
13. Ken Hamlin-S
14. LaVar Arrington-LB
15. Jeff Garcia-QB

what do you guys think of the rankings? any predictions or wishes on who teams could get?
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I would put jamal lewis up there, the ravens just waived him
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Adalius Thomas was tagged by the Ravens a few days ago.
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Ian Scott has to be the top DT on the market.
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Thomas was NEVER tagged, he's unrestricted. He's also rumored to being looking for a signing bonus between 16-18 million dollars. LOL.
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Correct, Thomas was never tagged. They were talking about him possibly going to the 49ers yesterday on Cold Pizza.

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Heres a list of Free Agents.....

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i would only be intereted in ken hamlin and a cheap graham.
i could see the vikings going after clemens of harper. i think the colts find a way to keep june. same with stallworth, i think he stays. garcia will end up in denver.

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Adalius Thomas was tagged by the Ravens a few days ago.

Are you sure? I thought i heard they weren't putting the tag on him.
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i say we sign jamal lewis and play a double rb scheme the guys a beast it would totally screw with defences with two backs who are capable of making big plays in the same backfield
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