Seeing as we're getting into the top _____ what months make your top lists.
1. March
2. July
3. November


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1. June-my birth month
2. May- The month the Milwaukee Iron signed Todd Hammel and then started to win consecutive games
3. February-NASCAR season started and Wisconsin native Matt Kenseth won the Daytona 500
4. August- NFL preseason started
5. September-Muskego Hitmen won the IFL Chula Vista Bowl
6.October-Muskego Warriors Football got it's only win of 2009
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1) July - No School, softball games and multiple tournaments, 4th of july cookouts and nice weather
2) April- Start of baseball/softball. Weather provides hope for the future.
3) December- Basketball season starts for me, my birthday, christmas, football, basketball, and bowls.
4) June- Still perfectly mild weather, softball, school is just out, good time to party.
5) March- Madness is awesome. Usually no more snow after march.
6) May- Official start of softball, official end of 2nd semester. Nice cool weather.
7) September- Baseball rounds 3rd.
8) November- Thanksgiving, first month of bball, semester begins winding down.
9) August- Too Hot, end of summer, just don't care for it.
10) October- Middle of semester, nothing really going on. Not a fan of halloween.
11) February - Cold snowy, no more football, no baseball yet, just not good.
12) January- Start of 2nd semester, snow, nothing good at all, imo.
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1. June---first month of vacation and some great quality time for the kids and me
2. September---weather is decent, love getting back to work and seeing the kids
3. July---More Family time
4. February---My Birthday and I love when my kids get me homemade cards and such
5. March---Basketball tournaments simple as that and I get my contract
6. May---THe excitement of the vacation coming up and the umpiring of baseball and softball picks up for me.
7. August---like the weather, usually my baseball trip month
8. December---love the Holidays
9. October---my basketball season starts!
10. November--Hunting but hate when it gets cold!
11. April---hate the wet
12. January---Just long and cold!
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1. October-my birthday, weather is great (IMO), baseball playoffs
2. December-winter break, Christmas
3. July-Its summer, the 4th, its summer, its warm, its summer
4. May-summer break begins
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NBA season is winding down and beginning playoffs
MLB is just starting, excitement of a new season
Golf usually has the Masters
NFL Draft is going on
NHL season is winding down and beginning playoffs
NCAA Basketball Final Four
NASCAR is going on
Easter sometimes falls in April
It is close to the end of spring semester and at the end of april there is usually only 2-3 weeks left of the semester
It's beginning to be nice out
Did I mention just about every sport is affected somehow in an important way during the month [headbang]
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Top 3:
March-Baseball begins again
October-Bow hunting (when it isn't 75 degrees out) starts again and the leaves get all purdy. . .
December-Being able to go flying without get bounced around like a pinball is fun too. . ..

Worst 2:
January-Now football is barely on. . . .
February-Who cares it's my birth month. No good sporting events on TV besides the superbowl and I couldn't be more bored in the bitter cold. . . .Can't wait to move somewhere warmer.

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August, September, October- Football Season and great weather.
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Every teachers favorite June, july and august.
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1. July - My birthday, summer
2. March - March Madness, spring break, spring training
3. June/August - its summer
4. October - about the time the leaves start c hangin, one of my favorite things of the year
5. 2nd half of december - the last 2 weeks where winter break starts, then christmas and new years

the rest of the year is just kinda sucks
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1. April(Birthday, Spring Break)
2. June(No School, NBA Finals)
3. November( Basketball Started)
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