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This is alot tougher than I thought! Some of these players I didn't get a chance to see play because I'm not even sure if they had tv's back then so I may have ranked them unfairly but other than that I'm pretty satisfied with my list.

1. MJ
2. Kareem
3. Russell
4. Wilt
5. Magic
6. Oscar Robertson
7. Larry Bird
8. Tim Duncan (he's boring but he's a proven winner)
9. Hakeem Olajawon
10. Shaq
11. Stockton
12. Malone (It just doesn't seem right to say the word Stockton without Malone followed right by it.)
13. Jerry West
14. Bob Cousy
15. Dr. J
16. Pistol Pete
17. Barkley
18. Moses Malone
19. Elgin Baylor
20. Zeke
21. David Robinson
22. Kobe (for now)
23. Havlichek
24. Elvin Hayes
25. Iceman
26. Nash
27. Clyde the glide
28. Bob Petit
29. Garnett
30. Jason Kidd
31. Scottie Pippen
32. Mikan (probly should be higher but I really don't know much about him other than his drill)
33.David Thomson
34. Reggie Miller
35. Earl the Pearl
36. Allen Iverson (single handedly took his team to that finals that one year)
37. Patrick Ewing
38. Dominique Wilkins
39. The glove
40. Walt Frazier
41. Tiny Archibald
42. Ray Allen (probly will finish his career higher)
43. Robert Parish
44. Lebron (will certainly finish career higher)
45. Willis Reed
46. Dwayne Wade (will certainly finish career higher)
47.Rick Barry (Probly best Free throw shooter of all time)
48.Dennis Rodman (just an absolute man, whether or not he's wearing a dress)
49. Chris Paul (has potential to be the greatest point guard in NBA history)
50. Chauncy Billups (Numbers won't wow you, but honestly I believe that he deserves to be on this list with clutch play and consistency.)

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Madcityspecial42 wrote:

heres the best list your gonna see[8D].

1 Michael Jordan
2 Bill Russel
3 Shaquille O'Neal
4 Kareem Abdul Jabbar
5 Oscar Robertson
6 Wilt Chamberlain
7 Magic Johnson
8 Larry Bird
9 Pete Maravich
10 Scotty Pippen
11 John Havilchek
12 Isiah Thomas
13 Hakeem Olajuwon
14 Julius Erving
15 John Stockton
16 Bob Cousy
17 Dolph Shayes
18 Tim Duncan
19 Karl Malone
20 David Robinson
21 Patrick Ewing
22 Kobe Bryant
23 Lenny Wilkens
24 Robert Parrish
25 jerry West
26 Earl Monroe
27 LeBron James
28 Elvin Hayes
29 Moses Malone
30 Earl Manigault
31 Bob Petit
32 Willis Reed
33 Kevin McHale
34 George Mikan
35 Rick Barry
36 Moses Malone
37 Charles Barkley
38 Nate Archibald
39 George Gervin
40 Clyde Drexler
41 James Worthy
42 Steve nash
43 Arvydas Sabonis
44 Wes Unseld
45 Dave Debusschere
46 Jason Kidd
47 Allen Iverson
48 Kevin Johnson
49 Dave Bing
50 Dwayne Wade

spent a lot of time on this, would love to discuss it with people.

Well the first thing you can do is explain how a guy like Sabonis is on here and a guy like Kevin Garnett is missing entirely. That's just trash. There is simply no reason for that. None. Garnett is unanimously top 30 and many would have him top 20.
Ricky Rubio will be a Pamela Anderson sized bust.


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