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Howard had 60 more AB's with runners in scoring position compared to Pujols. Pujols also had a higher slugging % in these situations. The long ball is a great weapon to have but if it's the absolute only dimension to your game, then you cannot expect an MVP to come from it especially when he was far from the only reason the Phillies won the World Series. The Cardinals finish dead last without Pujols in that lineup.

Let's also not forget that Howard had 3x as many errors as Pujols. 19 compared to Pujols' 6.
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Any writer who did not vote for Sabathia has no business voting or writing on baseball .

I agree, Tom H. needs to have his voting privilege revoked. He's not all that great about writing
about baseball either.

To use any comments like that get misconstrued like that to push your agenda in something like MVP voting is very unprofessional.

Don't start putting words in Haudricourts mouth. I brought that up, not him.

This is why they vote.

If they want to go by stats, they would. Baseball writers take a lot more things into account rather than stats.

Maybe he voted Pujols 7th because Pujols said "They just awoke a sleeping giant" and then preceeded to fall off the map.

I don't know, im just stirring the pot here, but to say he needs his voting privledge revoked is crazy.

Also, no offense, but the boards 2 biggest cardinal fans are the only ones to jump in defense here.

Pujols deserved the MVP this season. But there can be debate.

I guess if you consider hittting over .400 with runners in scoring position after the all star break,
hitting .321, slugging .702, on base of .427, with 8 HR, 8 2B and 27 rbi's in the month of September falling off the map than you got yourself a really good argument. Problem is I don't think you will find many people who would consider that "falling off the map."

I was refering to the cardinals as a team. When he said, Awoke a sleeping giant, I took it as the Cardinals were the sleeping giant, not Pujols.

Pujols is good, no doubting that. Pujols is always good. However, you act like there is no debate here, and Pujols is no doubt the NL MVP. I disagree. He is certainly is deserving of the award this year, but just because he didn't get all of the 1st place votes doesn't mean the world is ending. Im just bouncing ideas off the wall, on why Tom H. could have put him where he did.
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