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So, how would you re-seed the Level 4 teams? Would you do a mathematical formula like the regular playoff system and go by record then tiebreakers? Or would you have a comittee re-seed like they use for basketball regional seedings?

I could see a potential pitfall in re-seeding by record of formula, especially in some of the lower divisions. Take LaCrosse Aquinas for example. They have two losses, one to the best team in Michigan in its division and one to a Division 1 team. Personally I feel they're the best team in D5 (and I have seen them as well as Lancaster, haven't seen the other top teams though). But you run the risk of matching them up with a team like CGB in the state semis based on record, and thereby still having a potential matchup of the two best teams. In essence you could be punishing teams (especially in smaller divisions) for playing and possibly losing to larger or tougher schools.

I'm not sure re-seeding with a committe is the answer either though, as you leave yourself open to much more criticism I think. I say set the brackets up and let them play out. Things will even out for the most part.
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really though, who wouldn't want a homestead arrowhead rematch for the third year in a row...maybe this game will actually be a close one since each side has blown the other out

I was wondering where you are from. I am not from that part of the state. I don't have any affiliation with any of the D1 schools either. There are lots of people like me who live outside that area that would love to see other teams in the championship. if they are the best 2 teams then great, but we need to stop assuming that they are. We shouldn't for get the tradition of D.C. Everst who is very good and undefeated. There are a lot of other 1 loss teams that can play too.
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