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Was there an explanation for why this was done at all?!? That guy didn't move one bit!!!
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It was almost like they couldn't get the snap count right or there was some miscommunication and that lineman was like "F It", I'm just going to sit here.

Football instinct is too hard to miss for him to just not realize the play is going.
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I think the center let it go a little early, the entire line didn't move at first, but him just sitting there and watching, ha ha, i mean his head barely moves. That is awesome.
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It said something about the "freeze" technique. If theres one of those situations where a defensive player jumps offsides and the offense gets a free play some teams coach their o-line to stay down in their stances.

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I guess no one watched the game on Saturday......

This is Trickett's plan. When the line sees the defense offsides the ball is to be snapped with them not moving. Like said before, it's a "freeze." It's the dumbest thing I've seen. I was almost on the floor laughing last weekend watching this.
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Apparently it worked a couple time for West Virginia when Pat White could just run around and take advantage of the defense not paying attention. Obviously no one was caught off guard here.

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