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The scientists claim that they have found no adverse effects on humans. I dont know how in-depth they studied that, but since the power is broadcast on a very precise, narrow frequency, as long as the pacemakers and such are not tuned to that frequency, I would think that there would be no issues. But then again, I'm not a Biomechanical engineer
A sport is something that you cannot do with a torn ACL, and is not decided by "judges". Everything else is an "activity"
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Wasn't a company like GE working on this stuff? They did it with magnets.

****It was Intel. I knew someone did it.

Yeah it is with magnets.

"1. First magnetic coil (Antenna A) housed in a box and can be set in wall or ceiling
2. Antenna A, powered by mains, resonates at a specific frequency
3. Electromagnetic waves transmitted through the air
4. Second magnetic coil (Antenna B) fitted in laptop/TV etc resonates at same frequency as first coil and absorbs energy
5. Energy charges the device"

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