The development of Adidas was like the fire so that the Adidas quickly dominated the market. Adidas according to each person's needs had designed different shoes to meet the needs. Different prices, styles, multiple rates of a variety shoes has met different consumer Diversification of Adidas zapatillas hombre shoes, the price difference, style differences, giving consumers more choices. Adidas's advanced ideas and the spirit of exploration has beyond the previous business.

Today, Adidas shoes have all the presence of air heels. The strange thing is that the consumers do not realize that the shoes' air heels bring the high grade. Sales staff tried to spend a lot of thought, and achieved satisfactory advertising effectiveness. They opened two "windows" in Adidas shoes heel, and people see the soles of Adidas zx flux comprar through the "window". The posters had attracted consumers significantly and made them clear to understand that the Adidas air was better than other sports shoes.

Two years later, Adidas's sales quadrupled. To the later 1970s, Adidas had nearly 100 researchers, many of whom were biological, chemical, experimental biology, engineering, industrial design, chemistry degree and a variety of those related fields. This strong research power helped to develop more than 140 different styles of products, many of which were the most innovative and most advanced technology. These styles, different prices and multipurpose products had attracted thousands of runners. Millions of all kinds of runners had this idea that Adidas stan smith precio was the most complete running shoes manufacturer.

Relying on a never-ending corporate philosophy, Adidas owned the market share of 33% through the planning of new products to market and strong sales. Adidas gazelle comprar , as a sales star, became well-known brands as much as Adidas, Puma and Tiger. In 1981, Adidas's market share had reached to 50%, ahead of Adidas and other companies, Knight himself into the "Forbes" Celebrity Edition, as one of the richest 400 people.

Adidas's culture is the individual pursuit of "sports, performance, and easy freedom of sportsmanship". The distinctive feature of the concept of Adidas' culture is different from the traditional corporation, and Adidas is the pioneering company with adventurous spirit. Comprar adidas superstar 's company position in Oregon has been formed out of an elaborate culture. A veteran manager recalled that it was like a full foot in the brotherhood of the environment, and the colleagues were happy to drink together, talked about sports, and active and self-proclaimed anti-traditional character.

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