American Pharoah wins the Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown. That was awesome, the first time I can remember a group of us going crazy over a horse race.
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Even the jockey who rode American Pharaoh was so excited in winning the race and ending the streak that he inadvertently swore on the air to which the network (I think) later apologized.
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nyybball wrote:
American Pharoah wins the Belmont Stakes and Triple Crown. That was awesome, the first time I can remember a group of us going crazy over a horse race.

4th Triple Crown winner in my lifetime. I was a mere lad, in my 20's, during the Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Affirmed trifecta from 1973 thru 1978.

Race Recap, Notes, Info:
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I'm not much into horse racing either, but when I got home from work we just caught the race & were all cheering really hard too!

I do remember horse racing seemed bigger back in the 70's because of those horses. I remember as a young kid playing this simple horse racing board game. In was so simple it was fun! (spining a dial to match the color of the horse-that horse moved to the next line). But someone always had a horse named "Secretariat!"

Back in the 90's we visited a popular horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky. It was very interesting.

That's a good question about the lack of Triple Crown winners. Could be true about limiting the number of races. I couldn't remember the famous retired horse we saw at Lexington so as I was googling about these horses I read how when Secretariat died they found he had a larger than normal heart.
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I think AP only had run in 8 or 9 races by the time the Belmont came around. Most horses are pushing 15-20 usually.

Collectively, the Triple Crown has been available since 1875 and we've had only 12 winners. It ain't easy. There isn't much that separates most great race horses....it takes the real freaks to get it done.

Regarding Secretariat, they didn't measure or weigh his heart, but the "coroner" (not sure what the term is in horsey world) estimated it to weigh 22 lbs. based on others he'd autopsied. That's 2.5 times bigger than your average horse. Secretariat's heart also was described as being in perfect condition still at his death age of 19. His heart was basically a V8.
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So I guess all those cliche motivational quotes are wrong....

You can actually measure heart.

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I know nothing of horse racing, but why was there such a long drought this time when there were like 3 or 4 Triple Crown winners in the 1970s? I've heard of people complaining that certain horses don't run in all three races and that puts the Triple Crown hopeful at an unfair disadvantage because they're more worn down with each passing race, is that the main reason why it's taken so long?
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