People often ask why football players don?t have their own unique boot silos like basketball and American football players d0, and it?s a pretty good question. Could it be that were Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to have their own boots developed, the floodgates for overzealous agents and marketing people would shatter, resulting in the rarely purchased nike free trainer 3.0 Cheick Tiote IV, making a joke of the innovation and technical advancements made in the field year on year? That would be a pretty sound argument if that?s what it is.

In addition to the upper, nike free 5.0 v4 have reworked the boot's studs in their design and placement. The new configuration is called SPEEDTRAXION and sees the studs in the forefoot moved to a radial shape with six studs forming a circle around one more in the center. adidas say that SPEEDTRAXION is designed to help the player with seven key movements that they have identified in the sport.
After the technical presentation, we were given the opportunity to take to the pitch to play seven-a-side in the new gear. There were two teams, both captained by former United States Men's National Team players with Jeff Agoos taking command of one (with me in net) and Jimmy Conrad of the other. The artificial pitch that the game took place on increased the speed of play to a frenetic pace with both teams trying to beat each other on the counter attack. It only got faster as the rain fell in the second half.

Still, on a harsh field in conditions that were far from dry, the adidas zx 750 performed with aplomb. Touch on the ball was not compromised, no water got into the boot, and, best of all, the new upper provided a real sense of "second skin" for the player. Being at the back allowed me to see just what the f50 was like from a standing start and for quick sprints. While the ball was at the other end, it was good to know that the adidas zx flux was comfortable to simply stand in.

I was thoroughly impressed by the boot in the admittedly brief play test but will be giving the adizero F50 and the rest of the Samba Pack an extended run out for an extended review whenever the ground in Western New York thaws out from the early winter freeze.
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