Point vs Lancaster- I’ll take the arrows in the rematch, I got a lot of confidence in coach hoch making some big adjustments and too much experience in big games 

Darlington vs Mondovi- birds need to come out strong unlike previous games this is a test of all tests but I’ll take them upsetting the buffaloes and getting a rematch with a swal opponent 

Aquinas vs G-E-T I’ll take GET in this one Aquinas will put up a battle though too 
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My picks:

Mineral Point
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Point vs Lancaster
Darlington vs Mondovi
Aquinas vs G-E-T - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

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Point vs Lancaster - Lancaster got handled in a game I thought they would win in their last meeting. There is no doubt in my mind that they will make it competitive, but I'm not sure they can overcome Mineral Point here.

Darlington vs Mondovi - I like Darlington's chances at another upset, but they can't afford to start out slow like they did against the Benton co-op. I think Mondovi will win in a one-score game.

Aquinas vs G-E-T - G-E-T's defense got exposed last week by one player. It was only 18 points, but it was also a team with TWO wins on the season. The QB for Marshall was a heck of an athlete as Marshall ran the same QB keep almost every play. The style of defense played at G-E-T apparently wasn't built to stop one player, but when Marshall started to dig into their playbook in the second half, G-E-T's defense did much better. I would expect Aquinas to implement that into their own playbook tonight. G-E-T's offense put up their expected numbers though it really didn't come until the second half. Aquinas is a better team than Marshall, so a slow start by the Red Hawks will prove to be fatal. The Blugolds are a pretty hot team right now. If G-E-T can come out strong on defense, they should roll. Red Hawks win 22-14.

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