Just as many of you all noticed, i also noticed how talented the junior class is not only in our area but around the state as well. Out of curiosity I looked up what these kids did as 8th graders and Fall Creek, Regis (eau claire tigers), and Mcdonell (MAXX) all did very well. The other schools, well not so much....
Looking at the archived scores and rankings on [link=] [/link] Mcdonell was ranked best at #4 and right behind was Regis #8 and Fall Creek #11-It is also interesting to note that the teams they have played were mostly much larger schools, for example Top three teams ahead of Mcdonell were all Division 1, and 168 teams in the league

What they have for impact juniors:
Fall Creek- Mostly Home Grown-Reetz, Tweed, Haldeman, Herrick, Kragness, and legit import Dickinsen
Regis-Not so Home Grown-Ganske(chetek), Philips(colfax), Eaton, hunter, sailor, and santolin
McDonelll- Home Grown- Bresina, Watton, Bischel, Rubenzer, McIquham, and See

Other teams mostly have either strong senior or sophmore classses

Top Three teams in conference?? Mostly led by juniors??

Also these three teams have a couple of pretty good seniors-Regis Bowe, Creek jacobson Steinke, MCD Martell Dahl

Nothing against not mentioning some of the other teams, but they dont have particularly strong Junior classes

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