[link=http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4318550]Stallworth completes jail term[/link]

I for one think it is a joke Vick gets a year for killing dogs and Stallworth serves a month for being wasted and killing a guy. I read somewhere prior to Stallworth the shortest amount of time anyone in that county had ever served in jail for the same crime was something like 5 to 7 years. I hope Goodell sets an example with Stallworth and keeps him out for at least the whole season.

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Coldfeet has a good point. Vick had no other plea deal or any other sort of deal made with any of the parties of his dogfighting ring. Even though Stallworth had deals struck with the other party I think though that 60 days in jail would have been a better sentence than 30. Vick didn't show a lot of remorse in his crime like Stallworth did and that's why Stallworth had less of a sentence. If you think about it too Stallworth didn't have to deal with PETA like Vick did. So did Stallworth really have it that much easier? Well you be the judge.
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Stallworth's greatest punishment is having to live with the fact that his bad decision killed someone. As long as he's genuinely remorseful he's not likely to reoffend, and there's no point in wasting taxpayer money on him in jail.

Vick has no moral problem with what he did, and he'd be back at it again if there wasn't a stiff punishment. That's why his sentence was longer.
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I guess to me its sad that killing an animal or funding the killing of animals for a sport gets you more time then killing a human with a "weapon" of sorts after drinking...I'm shocked people don't have more of a problem with this...not to mention he served 24 of his 30 day sentence and was released...if I go out...tip back a fifth of vodka and run over Stallworth...I'm going to be the most vilanized person in the world...just look at what happened earlier this year to the Angels pitcher who was killed and what did that guy get? I know there are other circumstances...and an "agreement" made...but don't tell me this guy didn't get off easier because he is "famous" and has money...if ANY of us did this we'd be lookin at a minimum of 5 years...
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