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How about the Fullers? Three starters from that family none of which are from Rapids. Ben Best and Vance Grube both transfer from Nekoosa. A little ridiculous if u ask me. Good luck ya right!
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Fullers are from Rudolph. Rudolph is part of the WRPS. Vesper is part of the WRPS, so if you wanted to make a fuss of the Tritz family, you would have lost out too.

Due to family Issues, Best and Grube had to move to the WRPS. It was honestly family issues forcing them to move.

Like I said, if there was a move, it happened before the new transfer rules went into action, so they are safe now. ALSO, if someone moved illegally, Bill Vickroy would be all over it. he would not let there be anything illegal in the eyes f the WIAA go on.
A Playoff will not be any more fair than the BCS.
No matter what happens, Favre > Rodgers.
St. Louis Cardinals = Class of MLB.
Carlos Gomez is the new Nyjer Morgan.....
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