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The hate that is brewing in this thread is making me so hot.

Describe what you mean by hot?

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You know, a less flaccid penis.
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Are you sure it's this thread? Maybe it was the 90 minutes you spent on the cheerleader site?

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90 minutes? More like 7 years.
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So lets say there was a huge sports forum debate, that wissports went against other sports forums. The rules are you have to pick one poster for each sport. Which one poster would you pick for each sport.

Example: NBA - CC (Pretty Obvious here)
D1 College basketball - Rodey (Duke fan, so obviously knows his stuff)
NFL- Wizzler (I think he was the original Bigby fan, so he obviously can spot talent from a mile away)
Water Cooler Board - PistolPetefan(Just because he makes all the QOD's and is pretty smart)
so on and so on
I usually only read NBA, College basketball, NFL and Water Cooler so I don't know many other besides that.

Since its a debate, I would choose people that are not only have the knowledge but would also take the offensive when given the chance:

NBA - MBC, well thought out posts, defends his opinion even when no one else agrees with him. His post are more than repeating articles/post from other forums.

MLB - Longball

WCB - BB21

NCAA FB - Wis.gator

NFL - Its tough to pick out someone who doesn't just go with the flow and agree with everything the packers do. I think WSN would lose this debate....we would probably just agree with the other website.

I defend Lebron so I repeat everything articles say? I copy and paste an article about a trade, signing, etc and I get lashed out saying I just "repeat the article" then I don't copy and paste the article and I get lashed at for not having proof. I can't win.

There is a difference between providing evidence and bringing original ideas to a thread. Support for your thoughts is good, restating someone elses thoughts is not.

I read the realgm forums, Bill Simmons articles, and care less about the trade machine....that covers 50% of your posts. The other 50% are nit picking 1000 word replies to MBC.

I HATE Kobe and LOVE Lebron...yet I would still rather read MBC's post than yours.

Please, find me a thread or idea or post lately that repeats anything BS says. If I mention him at all, it's quoting him or saying "He had a good idea, what do you think..." It hasn't been him saying something and me repeating it in a loooong time. In fact, I think some of his thoughts and ideas lately on the NBA are becoming so muted by ESPN that he has turned into just another media guy. Yeah, I'll still read his shit, but with a very, very closed mind.

I never go to the RealGM forums ever. In fact, I've posted on one other board only a hand full of times and that's ProSportsDaily. And that's only because OnWisconsin2007 invited me over there and I wanted to see what kind of crock he was pulling on their board.

I don't know what your beef with me is. You've always had it in for me, but whatever it may be it's getting old really fast.
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