Prairie du Chien at G-E-T (The Red Hawks host PDC and look to go for two shutouts in the playoffs)

My pick:

"For some players, luck itself is an art."

"They say you're a man of vision."

"Welcome to NASCAR. Where the rules are made up and the points don't matter."

"What would you sell your freedom for?"
"Some Knicks tickets."
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Prairie du Chien at G-E-T - G-E-T's defense bounced back after a rocky level 1 win, but part of that had to do with how QB Gavin Wetzel was playing with a sprained left ankle. Not only did he struggle to get the passing game going, but he was also the punter for the Blugolds. His furthest punt went maybe 20 yards as his plant foot was injured. As typical of the double wing offense (against teams that don't know to stop it), G-E-T's Luke Vance was able to break past defenders for long runs due to how packed the defense was.
Prairie Du Chien's defense, led by senior Tyler Hannah, is legit. I highly doubt the Red Hawks will get their 300 rushing yards in this one. I see a low-scoring game reliant on the "big plays" this Friday. G-E-T wins in a nail-biter 16-14. 

Fan of G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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Prairie du Chien at G-E-T - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

"Doin' right ain't got no end."
-The Outlaw Josey Wales

"'Allegedly' is right, Mr. Polian. I have a hole in my ear drum, I'd never go for a swim, no matter how drunk me is."
-Pat McAfee
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