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What do you have against Chris Webber being on there? He's played in the NBA 13 years and has career averages right around 22 PPG, 10 RPG, and 4.5 APG as well as 1.5 SPG and 1.5 BPG. He has played longer and has superior stat averages in every category over guys like Tim Duncan in everything except RPG and BPG. Trust me there are not too many guys who, in their 13th year in the NBA and at 33 years of age, can put up 20 and 10.
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Chris Webber averages 60 games played per year (out of 82) which really isn't all that bad, and like MBC said, he's STILL averaging 20 and 10 a night (and 3 assists, which is pretty good for a PF WITH Allen Iverson on his team) I more than certainly wouldn't mind him playing for the Bucks for a season or two.
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I think Chris Webber is a great example of a guy who just can't get it done when it matters the most. He made have played longer than Duncan and have better stats than Duncan, but Duncan has the rings. More importantly, Duncan been the leader on those title runs. Webber has had his worst playoff series when it counted the most.

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Webber is cursed by the infamous TIMEOUT
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The timeout in college

The decision not to shoot in game 7 vs. the Lakers when he was in Sac

Didn't he also have an air ball against the Mavs in a game 7 one year?
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