Do any of you have this service?
Do you like/dislike it?

Pros / cons?


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I had it for a while, but realized I didn't use it enough to justify the cost.

I only listened to it in the car, because the internet more than satisfied my needs at home/work.

I also wasn't a fan of the equipment required to use it, but this was 4/5 years ago when wireless wasn't so widespread.
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I had it for about 2 years but also realized I didn't use it much, and could do Pandora and/or Spotify for free or for same price with more options. If I had continued it, I would have done the a la carte plan, where you can pick like 50 channels instead of getting all the stuff you'll never listen to.
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Considering I have a 50-ish minute commute to and from work, the service has really come in handy, just added the internet service about a year ago so I could listen to much of the original programming that airs early in the morning, as well as the on demand shows. In my estimation, it was a great investment on my part. It really depends on how long your commute is (added advantage for me is the fact that it was already installed in my car), and how much you would use it at home.

Pros: Boatloads of channels at your disposal for any subject imaginable, internet service that comes with the on demand feature, as well as the MySXM feature, where you can set your own preferences for many of the music stations.

Cons: Short commutes don't really give you much time to get invested in a show or music channel. You can get a lot of the music selections online for free via Spotify.
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I had gotten a Free Trial when I purchased my car a few years ago, I was living out West at the time where decent radio stations were a dime a dozen. I decided to go back some time after the Trial was over. Now since I kept it its all I listen to & it isn't too often I go back to FM Radio.
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